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Telluride 2: Class of ’11

Telluride 2: Class of '11

Actors and auteurs, critics and programmers gathered for Telluride’s annual group photo yesterday outside the Sheridan Opera House, but Alexander Payne nearly missed his call time for the photo. He rushed over right after the rousing Saturday morning screening of his latest, “The Descendants,” joining Lynne Ramsay right up front nearly George Clooney and Tilda Swinton as official photographers and local fans alike snapped shots on cameras and cell phones. “The Descendants” played big in Telluride yesterday, stirring a lenghty standing ovation. More on that movie soon.

Photo by Eugene Hernandez

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Chris Kobin

The guy blocked in the back in the yellow shirt is Lincoln from Hollywood Don’t Surf! a film that had no publicity and killed outdoors and in the Opera House. Love to tell you about it.

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