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Terrence Malick Chooses The Relatively Unknown Haley Bennett For Christian Bale Drama

Terrence Malick Chooses The Relatively Unknown Haley Bennett For Christian Bale Drama

Terrence Malick, whose output seems to be exponentially increasing, has no fewer than three projects actively on his docket: cosmic documentary “Voyage of Time;” an untitled Ben Affleck/Rachel McAdams drama rumored to be called “The Burial;” and a third project, starring Christian Bale, which should begin production in the summer of 2012. The Bale film just became a lot more concrete, as relative unknown Haley Bennett has been cast as the female lead, according to Variety.

Typical of most Malick projects, the plot of the film isn’t being revealed (“Tree of Life” has been out for months now and we still don’t know what it’s about), but Variety notes that the actress, best known for her title role in “The Haunting of Molly Hartley,” beat out more well-known actresses like Rooney Mara and Mia Wasikowska.

Malick loves casting unknown actresses in lead roles, with Jessica Chastain and Sissy Spacek both fresh-faced and untested before he slotted them into “Tree of Life” and “Badlands,” respectively. Their anonymity didn’t last for long, obviously, with both launching off the platform given to them by appearing in his films toward fruitful careers. Chastain in particular seems to be in at least one new movie every weekend (she currently stars in box office juggernaut “The Help” along with Spacek). Q’orianka Kilcher, who Malick cast as Pocahontas in his dreamy historical epic “The New World,” on the other hand, hasn’t done much since…

Bennett’s casting at least means that the project is moving out of the realm of speculative possibility and into the world of “actually fucking happening.” And honestly? We couldn’t be happier. It’s amazing that Malick has chosen to ramp up his productivity this late in the game, and if the rumors are true of the unbridled experimentation going on with the Affleck movie, god only knows what the Bale movie will bring – besides, that is, a new leading lady superstar.

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essshhh…..not so goood at the acting this one, certainly not the next Chastain.


Oh, Variety appear to be backtracking…

“Variety reported earlier Thursday that Hayley Bennett was the one, but sources now say another candidate could close the deal.”



I’d like to smash her. I’d smash Bale too, in fairness.

Leah Zak

@Sam – ha, no family resemblance that we can tell, so we’ll make the fix. Thanks for the head’s up.

Molly Madison

Pop diva teen sensation Cora Corman from ‘Music and Lyrics’!


Early bets that this is his Jerry Lee Lewis film?


I remember seeing her first in the Hugh Grant/Drew Barrymore romcom “Words and Music.” She played the famous singer/hottie.

And wasn’t she in the remake of “The Heartbreak Kid?”


“(Tree of Life” has been out for months now and we still don’t know what it’s about)”

are you fucking serious? not even an inkling?


no bing bing no dinosaur please and i would be the happiest people


might wanna rephrase that title. unless Bennett is a relative of Malick.

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