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Terry Dexter & Teyana Taylor Now Attached to Star in Florence Ballard Screen Biopic?

Terry Dexter & Teyana Taylor Now Attached to Star in Florence Ballard Screen Biopic?

If you recall, I did a post a little over a month ago; regarding the rumor that Jurnee Smollet was attached to play ex-Supreme Florence Ballard and Beyonce‘s sister, Solange Knowles was supposedly in the role of Diana Ross, in the screen biopic Blondie: The Florence Ballard Story.

Well, now it looks like Terry Dexter (Deliver Us from Eva, Brickwalk Cafe) and Teyana Taylor (Stomp the Yard 2, Madea’s Big Happy Family) may be attached to the project to star as Ballard and Ross, respectively. This new bit of info is according to Peter Benjaminson, journalist and author of The Lost Supreme: The Life of Dreamgirl Florence Ballard.

From his website:

NOTE RE MOVIE TO BE BASED ON THE BOOK: Although Faith Evans (pictured below with a copy of “The Lost Supreme”) was originally slated to play Florence Ballard in the movie version of the book, the most recent cast list released by the Producers reveals the following casting decisions: Florence Ballard – Terry Dexter, Diana Ross – Teyana Taylor, Tommy Chapman -Lahman Rucker, Maxine Ballard – Kandi Burress, Rev. C.L. Franklin – Billy Dee Williams, Peter Benjaminson – Jon Heder, and John Oppedahl – Tobin Bell.

Note the rest of the cast, which includes Lahman Rucker, Kandi Burruss and Billy Dee Williams. Terry Dexter is showing as rumored on imdb, along with Jurnee Smollet and Solange Knowles, although Teyana Taylor is not yet listed on the database.

More updates as they come.

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@Scar. Whoo! Lord Jesus, scarred is right. You sound very scarred honey. Are you a discruntle employee? We need to pray for the best with this production and applaud the producers for their hard work. This is a film that needs to be made and before these producers no one had the balls to tell this story. So while we are being negative let’s try to focus on the positive. Yeah Flo!!!!

Benjamin Knows

How will it even be possible for any movie to be made about the actual Supremes without the use of their huge body of music? Berry Gordy owns the rights to the Supremes music and will never allow anyone to use their songs in any movie without his blessing. The people starting all the buzz about this movie is most likely the idea of the writer of the book trying to generate publicity. There will be no movie about Flo.
BTW – that “actress” rumoured to play Diana Ross looks so much more like Florence. Look at her nose!


That this “film” is based upon Benjaminson’s(and not Maxine Ballard’s)”book” says it all…


Wait a minute….I thought Jurnee Smollett was cast for this film???? But if they cast these folks listed, I hope Jurnie declines…


The producers of this film have NO money and the script is TERRIBLE. They are frauds and that’s the reason the actors/directors continue to change every month. I would suggest you not even report when you hear anything about this film because most of it is news ‘created by’ the producers who are hoping the most fabricated news will help to raise the 6 million dollars they claim to already have for the production.


*What is the obsession with Teyana Taylor?*
@Brandi, Agreed. I never saw her coming up on the horizen. What is her draw? What has she done? Where did she come from? What does she bring to the entertainment industry? Who are her fans? What an insult to Diana Ross! Diana was and is actually a very pretty and glamorous woman. Teyana Taylor= Blecch!!!


What is the obsession with Teyana Taylor?


A glance at the casting and I’m thinking “straight to BET”, which could be a good thing depending on your intent as a filmmaker (money vs quality). Will Diana Ross actually allow herself to portrayed in film??? I don’t know about this one.

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