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The Cast Of The New “Sparkle” Get Together

The Cast Of The New "Sparkle" Get Together

Of course, this new upcoming remake of Sparkle has been getting a lot of comments from our readers, especially those who love the original 1976 film. Personally, I’m not all that excited about it, but I understand why. Let me recall briefly what of one of my absolute closest female friends, who’s my age, once told me.

She LOVES Sparkle. It’s one of her absolute favorite films. I told her that the when film came out, I saw it, and promptly forgot all about it. A modest time waster at best. But she told me the reason why she loved it so much was because it was the only film at that time that was made: “for me”. In other words it was a film about and for young black women.

Back then, during the 70’s, if a black film didn’t have Jim Brown or Fred Williamson killing racist evil white men, and banging every woman they came across, I wasn’t much interested. So I get it. It’s a chick flick Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just ain’t my cup of tea.

So I can see some people not liking the idea of this Sparkle remake. I mean, if someone announced that they were planning to do a remake of Three the Hard Way I would be VERY UPSET. Who could take the place of Brown, Williamson and Jim Kelly saving the entire black race?

And so, with that, here’s a photo that was recently posted on Jordan Sparks’s Twiiter site, with her with her co-stars Tika Sumpter and Carmen Ejogo, all from the new remake.

No doubt the first of a series of photos and other info to come while the film is in production.

For those who are Sparkle fans, does the cast meet with your approval?

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Omg, I love the original Sparkle and love the idea of a remake! I just hope they do it justice!


R. Kelly writing the musical score? It's already been written by Curtis Mayfield. So why call it"Sparkle"? There is nothing like the original and should not attempted.


I am ok with the remake as long as they stick to the original.Time period movies are great.Making it modern day will cause it to lose evErything the story has to offer.I like WEST PHILLY call on the actors in the movie.However sister cannot make a cameo she died.Opps!!! Did I give it away for those who never saw it?

Linda Boston

This is a MAGNIFICENT opportunity. I play “Sister Clora” in the film and along with Whitney Houston, Mike Epps, Derek Luke, Omari Hardwick, Tamala Mann, Michael Beach, and Bre’ly Evans these are some of the most DYNAMIC actors in the world. Visit and search SPARKLE 2012 and get the scoop. Stay in touch and encourage support for this Salim Akil and Mara Brock Akil film…


No one in hollywood thinks any more all they do is ruin the original movie with horrible remakes just this week two remakes from the eighties were released the thing and footloose they remaid freddy,Jason both were terrible now Hollywood leave my teenage memories along please whose with me


Lisa Raye??? Are you serious? Her acting is so one dimensional. She plays herself in every role. Paula Patton hands down should have been sister! The mother’s dress shop would be a great way to allow each of the original cast (Lonette, Irene and Dwan) to have a cameo.

West Philly

Im a Sparlke expert! Lol… I saw it back when it first came out at the Capitol theater on 52nd & Thompson in West Philly when i was a kid. O.k here’s how I see it. Sister and Sparkle have to be beauties and Delores needs to atleast look kinda cute. Lisa Raye as Sister, Lauren London as Sparkle, Naturi Naughton as Delores, Derek Luke or Allen Payne as Sticks, Leon or Terrence Howard as Satin, Whitney Houston or Angela Bassett as the mom. Now if you want real singing sisters …Keri Hilson as Sister, Ashanti as Sparkle, Terrell Hicks as Delores. I love the idea of R.Kelly doing music he will do well and pick up from what the late great Eddie Kendricks (of the Temptations) did for the movie musically especially his awesome two arrangements of “Precious Lord”, the upbeat one in the beginning of the movie and the slow one Sparkle sang at Sister’s funeral. Oh yeah Mike Epps can play Levi..let’s keep the brotha working…lol. But whatever they do keep the movie sceens in a urban,everyday,struggling neighborhood with housing to match it.

Selena Thomas

This is ridiculous, why would they choose these people out of all people to play these roles? They shouldve chosen Alicia Keys or Paula Patton as sister or Jordin Sparks play sister instead of Sparkle because of her height. Keshia Pulliam as the other sister and Christina Millian, Karina Pasian, or me idk. Just not this^^^^^^^^^^^^. Mike Epps as SATIN really come on this is foolery.


love that Ms. Houston is back to work. I appreciate all the films she’s been in and Iuv her to pieces.

The new movie the girls gonna be a bit older. The movie has the essence of the original but i heard that there are some plot changes so don’t think this remake is gonna be exactly the same it’s not.

Effie is now a dress maker and former r&b singer and not a maid. Satin is a comic and not a pimp or thug but he still has a dark side. I know someone who has an inside to this movie. It’s gonna be good yall.

Whitney does sing in the movie. I believe they said a gospel song. The outfits in the movie is gonna be bananas. also heard r kelly cooked up some killer music. I can’t wait to see this movie. the old movie can only be improved cuz lawd knows the production on that stunk especially the lighting.


Everyone is entitled to an opinion but some of them just suck, IMO.


Some films you just do NOT need to remake. And from the cast, what is really going on????? Love Whitney, Tika etc. but some of the others just seem ill-fitted.


I’m only here for Ms. Whitney Houston, R-uh Kelly and Derek Luke. Jordin is interesting choice. She has the youth and innocence of Irene Cara. But the girl is tall, like very tall.

How they gonna have Sister in the middle and Jordin taller than her. That’s gonna look off. But I’m willing to see how it shakes out. The trailers will be the key. Whitney can play this part, it’s her freakin’ life in a way She is a singer not a maid, she’s got children and she knows first hand the underbelly of the music biz

I’ll probaby support it.


Not Pleased at all…The original film was simply amazing and I honestly believe it’s a huge mistake to remake a true African American Classic film. I hated Carmen: The Hip Hop bull crap movie…they took a bullet to the heart of an amazing movie Carmen Jones.

Just Poking My Head In...

This casting is waaaaayyyyy off!

I had the priviledge of being on the inside of the casting process & the producers had specific instructions, from the studio, to ONLY cast name talent or they wouldn’t back the movie. So the producers had their hands hog tied.

But I still don’t see how they still ended up with this cast. It’s truly sad. Because there are some great fresh talents out there but just don’t get the opportunities.


Vanessa Martinez, you have not seen the original?! You’re black film card is officially pulled. I mean, do you remember what happened when JMac said she had never seen Jungle Fever?

And you’re a S & A host contributor…. Blasphemy! *smile*


by the way I should clarify that when I say “chick flick” I’m not referring to a “woman’s picture” There’s a difference, namely that men like to see “women’s pictures” For the sake of comparison Pariah, for example, could be considered a “woman’s picture” as well as a drama.


I love the film “Sparkle”, and I still don’t understand why this remake is being made. The original still holds up well, in my opinion.

And what’s the point of the remake if you’re setting it in the same era, and you’re casting actors who look just like the original cast? I mean, it even seems like they intentionally cast the three sisters according to the complexions of the original actors. It doesn’t make a lick of sense.

And Carmen Ejogo in the role of “Sister”? Lonette McKee was no older than 22 when she held the role. There was NOBODY else besides Ejogo (whose work I truly admire, by the way) who could do it, huh?

Why must they mess with the classics?!! Remember how jacked up the “A Raisin In The Sun” remake was?!!

I guess it’s only a matter of time before we start hearing about a remake of “Love Jones”, starring some singer and some rapper.


Oh, and Whitney is the only cast member I approve of. Don’t care one way or the other for the rest. Obviously this movie is meant for a different audience.


Not a big Sparkle fan but I understand the hate.

If they decided to redo The Last Dragon, I’d be up in arms too – even though it is the worst black movie ever made. Nobody likes it when someone tampers with your childhood memories.

Geneva Girl

I too loved Sparkle. I remember being on the bus with my girlfriends singing all of the songs. This, however, doesn’t look promising. These women don’t even look like family. I’m not talking about their coloring. (In my family we’re all different colors, but this just doesn’t pass the sniff test.) Jordan Sparks is about 6′ tall.

If Whitney is well enough to make this film when will they make “Getting to Happy”?

Vanessa Martinez

Ok, these ladies are lovely and they’re all beautiful. Carmen is talented; I haven’t seen the other two. I’m just baffled at this casting. Don’t get me wrong; I hope it works out for the film. Carmen who is gorgeous and still young is, however, 37/38 and Whitney is her mother?

I don’t know. I didn’t see the original Sparkle. Do these women’s ages make sense?

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