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TNT Cancels “HawthoRNe”

TNT Cancels “HawthoRNe”

From Deadline just minutes ago:

After weeks of rumors, TNT today made it official: the Jada Pinkett Smith-starring medical drama Hawthorne is being canceled after 3 seasons.

Having to deal with this, and the rumors of her marriage to Will Smith being in trouble that just won’t go away… It’s too much madness to explain in one text :)

But seriously, I still haven’t watched a full episode of the series; it’s been on my “get-to-later” pile for awhile now, as I keep planning to get to it later; that just never happens.

The official statement from TNT reads:

TNT has decided not to order a fourth season of HawthoRNe. TNT truly appreciates the tremendous dedication of everyone involved in HawthoRNe. The series gave TNT the opportunity to work with many outstanding people, including Jada Pinkett Smith and the rest of the show’s talented cast, crew, producers and writers. We wish everyone involved with HawthoRNe nothing but the best.

Those who are fans of the show, thoughts? And now what for Jada?

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I think the first two seasons of Hawthorne were strong. However, the ratings probably went down when Jada’s character Christina had an affair with Marc Anthony’s character Nick. Christina is a responsible woman and she loved Tom so I think the affair with Nick just turned off viewers. I just think the writing jumped the shark.


Ugh! This is such a major bummer! I loved Hawthorne! I agree w/ a few ppl who said, that it was filled w/ way too much drama at times.

Other than that it was a really great show. It sucks how we have dumb reality shows like “Basketball Wives” and T.P foolery on air but we can’t keep a stellar scripted drama series w/ a diverse cast on air. smh


I feel bad for Jada, but I was never able to watch a whole episode. It was hard to care about the characters, and I think we all have medical drama fatigue.


(my mouth literally is wide open)
To be perfectly honest, I had a strong feeling they would cancel it. After the last epi this season I remember thinking how the script was overly filled w/ too much drama — I don’t think anything was about the hospital…at all.
But to up and cancel it on the means of ‘personal issues’ if that really had anything to do w/ it…I see no justice in doing that.
Well, it was a good show while it lasted….yet again, all the substantial shows are getting the boot!


Agree with emmanuel. I haven’t watched TNT in forever. Or USA. Truth be told I watch more content online than on tv – the only exceptions being Fox, Adult Swim, PBS, and TV One . Out of those networks, only PBS has “must see tv” programs.

Kinda sad Hawthorne’s going off the air. Not because I’m a fan but Jada did pull out all the stops to make the show mainstream. In the end, it still didn’t matter.

And there ain’t nothing wrong with Will and Jada! Nuthin!!

Watched part of one episode, but the show never grabbed me. Like George, I’m not the biggest medical drama/procedural fan, though my lady has introduced me to a few shows I really like.

That said, it’s a big loss for us, in terms of having a drama with a Black lead on the air. Jada will be fine, of course, but the irony is not lost on me that Turner canceled a show with a Black lead that showed signs of intelligence, yet gives Tyler Perry and his brand of “programming” yet another show.


Duncan MaNutz

Wow…Flava of Love got 3 seasons…also


@Monique Terriers is an awesome show that was on FX. The tagline: Solving Crimes and Taking no responsibility pretty much sums it up. Terriers has seriously changed my perception on what is quality TV. Last season I was hyped about Dexter and Boardwalk Empire but both were disappointing. Dexter season 5 second half went no where. Boardwalk Empire was living in the Sopranos shadow.

Synopsis for Terriers: Donal Logue plays Hank, an ex-cop who partners with his best friend to launch a P.I. business. The duo solve crimes while trying to avoid danger and responsibility.


@ George, I watched a few episodes but the show never really grabbed my attention. The rest of your post I pretty much co-sign. Especially about Justified and Breaking Bad (I’ve never seen Terriers).

I forgot all about that MAD TV skit, I remember watching it when it aired on the show…HILARIOUS but sadly true!


Booooooo!! I really like HawThoRNe!! A bunch of my Facebook friends watched it and we commented every week. I missed most of season two, but I saw every episode of season one and three and it was gooooood! Guess we’ll never know who killed Renata!!


I’m surprised it didn’t get canceled sooner. Not because it was bad, but because I don’t know a single person who watched it.

And there are SO many medical drama TV shows on now. Jada will go on doing something else though.


I never watched a singe episode. Some of my favorite Critics like Maureen Ryan and Alan Sepinwall panned the show but i was never a big fan of the medical/lawyer/cop procedural show. I into more complex quality TV(Terriers, Justified, Breaking Bad). I know this is another big step back for diversity on TV. Especially after the cancellation of Undercovers by NBC last fall.

Every time the lack of diversity on TV gets me down I like to watch this classic mad TV parody.

MAD TV – No Blacks on the TV Screen


I couldn’t even tell you what channel # TNT is shown on. And I’m sure there are many more who will say the same.

The problem with TV today is that there is so much to choose from, good shows get lost in the crowd. That’s what happened to “The Chicago Code”, and that show was easier to find on FOX. I’m surprised that “HawthoRNe” lasted as long as it did.


I gave it two episodes in the beginning. Don’t know if it got better, but it was waay melodramatic. But there is much WORSE stuff still kickin’ it out there. But often, a show might get axed not because it’s bad, but because a network is hyped on it’s development slate.

Think of it like a sport, there’s a salary cap and you gotta make room. Sometimes the old heads gotta go, even tho they still got a few more seasons left in the tank.


Because she wasn’t shucking & jiving! SMH..Whatever TNT…


Yikes! What in the world??? I watched HawthoRNe every so often, and I didn’t think it was the greatest show out there, but it wasn’t bad. I agree w/Blupanther. It was a quality show with a very diverse cast. What is going on with TNT?

Dankwa Brooks

ONCE AGAIN S&A is on point with the Breaking News! Don’t nuttin get past y’all!


Are you kidding me??? Why do we keep losing shows that have some semblance of quality, and remain stuck with useless drivel!! Sigh.

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