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Trailer For Civil War-Set Escaped Slave Tale “Dog Jack” + Release Info

Trailer For Civil War-Set Escaped Slave Tale "Dog Jack" + Release Info

It’s titled Dog Jack, a film said to be inspired by Florence Biros’s 1999 YA (Young adult) novel of the same name. Written and directed by Edward T. McDougal, and set during the Civil War, the film centers on “an escaped slave boy and his faithful dog who join the Union Army, never expecting to see his master again.” But he does… on the battlefield.

The film stars Louis Gossett, Jr. (he narrates the story), Ben Gardner (as the escaped slave), Ken Craig, Frank Kasy, Eddie Huchro, Joe Gandurski, Kevin Holmen, Stephen Schuch and Shane Kenyon.

Essentially, it gives the reader/viewer a glimpse at the Civil War from the perspective of a young runaway slave, accompanied by his dog named Jack.

It’s been a long road for the film, years actually; since completion, it’s toured the festival circuit, picking up accolades along the way at the San Diego Black Film Festival and Black Harvest Film Festival, and, after a recent successful limited theatrical run in Illinois, there’s a possibility that the film will be released in more theaters nationwide.

Also, Screen Media Films in New York will release the film on cable TV, and Universal Home Video will distribute it on DVD/Blu-ray; a release date of February 2012 is given.

If you’d like to stay abreast of the film’s developments from here on, “Like” its Facebook page, which you will find HERE.

The film’s trailer follows below.

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This Civil War family film is the story of a slave boy and his dog, Jack, who escape from a southern plantation, join the Union army and eventually face their former master on the battlefield. The story is based on the true-life adventures of the mascot of the Pennsylvania 102nd.


To answer some queries about the role of the dog: He is a supporting character in the movie. However, the book was inspired by and therefore named after a picture in a museum of the actual dog that was exchanged for a prisoner during the Civil War.


@ Mecca you either then? I kept waiting for it to show…

Geneva Girl

This looks like it would be better suited for television, like when Disney showed family films on Sunday evening.

I’d love to see more books brought to film, e.g., anything by Christopher Paul Curtis. My daughter and I are now listening to his audiobook of Elijah of Buxton and I was thinking that it would be a wonderful vehicle for Jaden Smith.

James Madison

I’m not taken to the execution or drawn in by the actors and like a few posters have already suggested, the title is dubious, but like urbanauteur has said, there is possibilities.


This movie could be a watershed moment to seize upon more challenging [slave narratives-Harriet Tubman-Sojourner Truth-Frederick Douglass] goin the no budget/doable route & especially in light of that new Sony F-3 HD camera ,which is somewhat in finacially striking range, $13,ooo.00 well? for a select few? anyway, like herbie hancock, i SEE possiblities:)


@ Darkan

I am confused too. Why is the film titled “Dog Jack”? The trailer didn’t even give me a single clue about the dog’s role in all of this! >.<


Count Lou Gossett Jr in with the other small group of black celebrities who are trying to bring diverse stories of black cinema to the masses. Caught his interview a year or to back on the projects he’s trying to launch.

The book is called Dog Jack. So the movie is also named Dog Jack [first sentence]. I guess you’ll have to read the book to see why the dog gets top billing – like the movie that turns every black man into a weeping little b*tch, Sounder.


HUH? I didn’t know the movie was about the dog until I saw the title. What did the dog do that was so heroic that he gets top billing? SMDH.

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