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Trailer For Darryl Roberts’ Sequel To His “America The Beautiful” Doc

Trailer For Darryl Roberts' Sequel To His "America The Beautiful" Doc

In case you haven’t heard of the 2007 documentary America The Beautiful, conceived and directed by filmmaker Darryl Roberts , it just happens that it’s one of the most financially successful, self distributed documentaries in recent years.

Starting off chronicling the sudden rise and steep fall modeling career of a, back then, 12 year old professional model, Garren Taylor , who suffered a near mental breakdown and major self-esteem issues, when, at age 14, her career came to a sudden halt.

However, the film expands into dealing with America’s morbid fascination with youth and beauty, and how the beauty industry makes billions manipulating women (and men as well) into feeling insecure about themselves.

Not surprisingly, Darryl has spent the past two years making a sequel to his film in which he follows up with the continuing obsession entitled America The Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandants

The film is scheduled to open in 25 cities in October and November film festival screenings, and, to date, at over 300 one night screenings hosted by universities, eating disorder clinics and social organizations.

Here’s the trailer:

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Hadn’t heard of the first doc. I’m much more interested in that one than the sequel (the subject’s been done to death). And obese people are sick and unhealthy. If I see another 175 pound preteen I’m going to scream.


Made the mistake of watching the trailer while I was eating breakfast lol. Yikes. Haven’t seen America The Beautiful, but I’ll definitely check it out so I can be ready when the sequel comes out!

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