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Trailer For “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” (Viola Davis, Jeffrey Wright Co-Star)

Trailer For "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" (Viola Davis, Jeffrey Wright Co-Star)

Viola Davis and Jeffrey Wright have supporting roles in this; see if you can spot them in the below trailer, which just dropped (the film opens on December 25th, 2011):

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Jeffery Wright
is one of the most underrated actors of out time according to IMDB….
I loved him as MLK on HBO
+ Shaft as a Puerto Rican villian….. The others roles he toned it down. they guy is a scene stealer!
, A lot of Actors are jealous & don’t want to work w scene stealers. He will get his moment like Viola will when nominations role around,,


But couldn’t we all use a BBF. :P

Don’t worry everyone on this site is working to remedy that situation.

Who’s ready to write a intriguing AND glamourous role for Viola. Sergio? I remember you talking about how much better she looks in real life as oppose to the roles she has.


Judging from the trailer, I’m hard pressed to think of another film, with the exception of Spielberg’s upcoming War Horse, that’s so blatantly begging for Oscar nominations


@Bondgirl – BBF [b]BLACK BEST FRIEND[/b]

You know… The asexual black friend of the leading white character with no life of his or her own, whose sole reason for breathing is to provide support, infinite wisdom, comfort and fried chicken to the lead. A more extreme form of emergency care worker, BBFs are on-call 24/7 and are expected to drop WHATEVER (no exception) they are doing when summoned.


This is the EXACT kind of movie I was expecting.

As for me, I will pass (whether it really is good or not) because I made a decision to never contribute money willingly, directly or indirectly, or be entertained by the business that is 9-11 Inc.

My moratorium on 9-11 as discussed by the mainstream is in full effect. The only thing I want to watch on that topic is the press conference where the TRUE high-level perpetrators are hauled into a room handcuffed/chained to face the public for the inside job of domestic terrorism that was committed that day.


Viola got Oscar nom’d for 8 minutes of dialogue…so I’m not so worried about her. And Jeffrey disappointed me in Casino Royale and Syriana. He’s not my favorite actor.

Btw, what the heck does BBF stand for?


I spot Jeffrey Wright at 1:47. what do i win?


sp – “prepubescent”


Hey everybody,

I think I found Jeffrey Wright at time 1:41!! Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

I love being part of Post-racial America. I only exist to support or confirm the greatness and/or specialness of white people, particular per-pubescent white males on their journey of discovering themselves.

Ahh, good times.


@ Sergio: You are cracking me up. I guess almost everyone wants a golden paper weight . I wouldn’t mind one.


9/11 provides an interesting backdrop to this story. I’m curious about it but I wonder if they can tell the story without being overly sappy.

As always I’m glad Viols Davis is getting work in high profile movies. She deserves it. I hope she gets a chance to shine in this one.


Lmao! @ “I Spot”

I saw Viola for 5 seconds! I missed Jeffrey W. it is such a damn shame that this talented man doesn’t get enuff work.


That nostalgic trip down “Joshua Tree” — with Bono to boot — was a total misfire on this trailer. Absolutely kills it.

Vanessa Martinez

yup, saw Viola for a sec but missed Jeffrey.

Is this a game? We should start one, and maybe give out prizes. Let’s call it “I spot” Since this is a frequent occurrence in big budget Hollywood film trailers.


Saw Viola. Missed Jeffrey.

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