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Trailer Watch: Long-form Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Looks Good, Lacks Edge

Trailer Watch: Long-form Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Looks Good, Lacks Edge

David Fincher’s long form trailer for December 21’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is here, and it’s a testament to just how good the teaser trailer is (also below). In this case, less is more, with emphasis on how instead of what. The new trailer reveals practically the entire plot (which many of us know well by now, anyway), as well as Rooney Mara’s Swedish accent and her lack of Noomi Rapace intensity. Sure, she looks the part, but we’re still on the fence. We aren’t as impressed as ThePlaylist, but it does look significantly more polished than the Swedish version of the novel. We can’t wait to experience this feel bad movie of Christmas 2011.

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this trailer looks cool.

Not impressed

Agree less was more. The teaser (and poster) had more edge and raw sex appeal. The new long trailer makes it longer like the same old, same old murder mystery. Rooney’s accent sounds more Russian and Craig didn’t even bother to try an accent. I think it will be o.k. but not the masterpiece that the teaser trailer was promising.

Ryan Sartor

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo purists are going to be the most annoying contingent this holiday season.

Bruce Whitewood

I want to see more Swedish stars in the sequels like Dolph Lundgren, Malin Akeman and Lena Olin.


Amazing — there are shots lifted directly from the Swedish version. I’m curious how they’re going to pull off Hornet’s Nest, the most flawed installment of the series.

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