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Tyrese Gibson on “FAST FIVE’S” Oscar Chances…

Tyrese Gibson on "FAST FIVE'S" Oscar Chances...

In a recent interview with Julie Miller of Movie Line, Tyrese Gibson followed up on Vin Diesel’s “interesting” proclamation last Spring “that he [Diesel] wouldn’t be surprised if there was Oscar buzz surrounding the film [Fast Five]” Gibson had a cut and clear response to such assertions…

He stated to Julie that:

Oscar buzz around Fast Five? I don’t know. That’s Vin Diesel’s opinion and I respect it, but I don’t know about Oscar buzz. I don’t think this is that type of movie.

Well it looks like Tyrese has more going on upstairs than that confident (or is it cocky) attitude would suggest. You can read the full interview including more from Tyrese on his plans to “change the universe” HERE.

Oh, and by the way, what are your thoughts on what Diesel said and Tyrese’s response? Fast Five as an Oscar contender…c’mon, really now. You all know in the run up to its release I was all for the sexy of it, but Academy Award winning material? Seems like another thing to make ya go…hmm.

What say you?

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I would agree with Tamara. The only nominations "Fast Five" would get is technical achievement. I highly doubt the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences would bestow a nomination for acting.

Now the Academy did bestow a nomination and win for Heath Ledger for playing the Joker in "The Dark Knight." I wonder if they did that because of his death or did he really give a Oscar worthy performance? R.I.P Heath Ledger.

Betty Chambers

I haven’t seen it yet, but I only want to watch the scene where Diesel and Dwayne duke it out.


If a piece of garbage like “Avatar” could be nominated for an Oscar, anything can.


I can’t help but hear Dr. Dre’s Chronic…”N*gga is you crazy?!?” LOL


I haven’t seen it but I would hasten to guess that ‘any’ nod would come by way of technical aspect… as ‘most’ nominated action movies do…

I’ll have to rent it soon. I’m behind on so many flicks…

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