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‘Vamps’ Poster Says “Nice Girls Suck,” Belongs In Another Decade

'Vamps' Poster Says "Nice Girls Suck," Belongs In Another Decade

MTV’s Hollywood Crush debuted the poster for writer-director Amy Heckerling’s “Vamps,” which stars Alicia Silverstone, Krysten Ritter and Sigourney Weaver. Looking like a cross between the book cover of a “Twilight” knockoff and the poster for a ‘90s horror thriller like “Poison Ivy” or even “Fright Night Part II,” it does little to inspire an unquenchable thirst to see this film.

The film, which will star Silverstone and Ritter as a pair of vampires known as Extended Life Forms (or ELFs), centers on what happens when the two stop living it up in New York City and start falling in love with their respective partners. After previously being a part of twelve-step meetings to help wean them of their thirst for human blood, their new love interests offer some daunting challenges for the pair.

While we’re all for a good horror comedy and more than enough people are fans of the previous Heckerling/Silverstone collaboration “Clueless,” we can’t help but feel like this could potentially wind up being a mess. Heckerling has two great comedies on her resume with “Clueless” and “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” but really only has the obnoxious “Night at the Roxbury” and a pair of “Look Who’s Talking” movies outside of that. The cast, which includes those previously mentioned, along with “Curb Your Enthusiasm” regular Richard Lewis and Malcom McDowell, is all that really offers us hope.

Let’s hope that with the whole “Nice Girls Suck” attitude, Heckerling is going back to “Clueless” territory, instead of the vampire kitsch found on shows like “True Blood” (which coincidentally had a very similar poster). The film is set to be released in 2012.

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You are so full of it.

The 90:s was a time when they still made good posters, if anything other advertisment companies should take a cue rom this.

This is one of the best posters i’ve seen in a while.
It’s simple, it doesn’t look like an ugly photoshop that is way to common these days.
And in that simplisity it gives the appearence of a vampire movie with a lighthearted touch.
The design is cheer brillians, i just hope the movie is as good as the poster.

So yes, this is the 21st century, a decade of terrible posters has passed us by.
And maybe quality of this kind is a bit old facioned but it is refreshing.


And the true blood and Vamps posters are very different. LOL.


I hate to be that guy, but “Belongs In The Wrong Decade”? Don’t think that’s what you mean.

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