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Video: TIFF 2001 Moguls Talk WIth Ted Hope (aka Me)

Video: TIFF 2001 Moguls Talk WIth Ted Hope (aka Me)

At the Toronto International Film Festival this year I had the privilege of being asked to partake in their “Moguls” talk. Anthony Kaufman interviewed me. I think I set a record taking up the first sixteen minutes or so with my first answer. Granted it was about how MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE and DARK HORSE came together, and neither one was a simple story — but then never are, are they? Well, it does boil down in each instance to making the movie for less than what the apparent value is, but that’s the film business today, isn’t it?

Just in case you are wondering, the class that I mention isn’t happening when I said it was. It’s happening soon though, and we will announce it sooner.

I talk about SUPER around the 35 minute mark.
41 Min: budget agnostic, genre agnostic, medium agnostic, platform agnostic. First and foremost, I want….
42 Min: What makes a good film?
43 Min: When I was falling in love with my wife Vanessa…
44 Min: That list is this one.
45:50 Reverse engineering of Film
46:45 How can film mirror free will?
47:30 The End Of The Auteur Era Of Film
54:30 “Making Independent Films is a crime”.
57:20 “There’s never been a better time shoot celluloid than there is today”.
58:10 “Independent Film is a luxury good”.

If you want to help me index this further, I would appreciate it.

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Jason Kohl

Amazing talk! Is there any way to see Mary Last Seen? I’ve been trying since it went to festivals.

Sheri Candler

love that you curated the comments and gave deeper links to the material mentioned in the video. Ted, you are the MAN!

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