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Watch Common Be Ominous In New Clip From Upcoming AMC Civil War Drama Series “Hell On Wheels”

Watch Common Be Ominous In New Clip From Upcoming AMC Civil War Drama Series "Hell On Wheels"

Below you’ll find a clip from the upcoming new AMC post-Civil War drama series titled Hell On Wheels, one of 7 or so Civil War-themed projects (TV and film) currently in development at various studios.

This one co-stars rapper-turned-actor Common, who plays a character named Elam – a freed, bi-racial slave who heads west to find work, while also hoping to find his place in society, as he doesn’t feel that he fits squarely into either the “black world” or the “white world.”

The series is being billed as a Western, and centers on a former soldier in the Confederate Army who, in searching for the Union soldiers who killed his wife, finds his way to a lawless town called Hell on Wheels, and to the construction of the first transcontinental railroad.

As TV Guide states, it “will explore what immigrants went through, the problems faced by newly emancipated blacks, and the greed and corruption involved with the making of the railroad.

I’ve enjoyed most of AMC’s original programming lately, but this isn’t one that’s high on my list to see. Though I’m curious to see how many other black actors get work because of this, and what their respective roles are.

It’s scheduled to debut this fall.

Watch the clip below:

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Wow, some people act like slavery never existed in the U.S. Slavery did exist in the US (and in other places and other times) and taking on the role of a former slave should be no big deal. It’s just an acting role – no more, no less. It is certainly better to play the role of a [former] slave than to be a [former] slave. White actors have also taken on the role of former slaves. Spartacus comes to mind but there are certainly other famous slaves in history that white actors have recreated. I’m happy with the fact that Common is taking on different roles, different periods of characters. It can only help his career to show that he can perform many different types of characters and periods of history. We only grow when we stretch our wings and Common seems to understand that very well.


You guys are too funny!

Why would Common want to play a slave? Uh well…first off he is getting PAID! Secondly, he probably thinks this will elevate him as a professional actor. Lol

To be honest I am tired of seeing rappers-turned-actors being cast in TV shows and major Hollywood flicks. Bring on the British invasion for 2011!!!!

Miles Ellison

This looks a lot like The Outlaw Josey Wales.


Is Common biracial? Why would Common want to play a slave? Strange choice.


so whos supposed to play the slave a white man??


I love Common; thought he was adorable in Just Wright, okay in the assasin film (can’t put my finger on the name), and he is building a diverse resume. I don’t know about this…it’s only a teaser, which I hate to pick apart, but I’d be willing to at least watch. I mean, he COULD play a lawyer, but that’s been done (no offense Blair Underwood). He COULD play a doctor (yawn). Like it or not, revisionist tv & films are in the works for at least the next 3 yrs, far as I can see from blacks AND whites.

Duncan MaNutz

I don’t really like Common as an actor but in 2011 he gets to play a SLAVE….um, it may show us that he has a little bit of dramatic range but he still has to play a SLAVE.

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