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Watch Episode 1 Of New Sci-Fi Web Series “Osiris”

Watch Episode 1 Of New Sci-Fi Web Series "Osiris"

Earlier this year, we featured a Kickstarter fundraising campaign for the then upcoming 10-episode web series titled Osiris, described as a “science fiction… action/thriller… featuring mystery, espionage and gritty crime fiction.

The series centers on the trials of the title character, Osiris – a man who, when killed, is resurrected after exactly 37 minutes, every, single time. Essentially, he just won’t stay dead; more God than vampire.

Your responses (and others around the web) were mostly positive to what was previewed, as partly evident in the just over $12,000 that was raised via the fundraising campaign (impressive I think).

Osiris was created, written & directed by Donnie Leapheart, and stars Brad James as our hero. For the rest of the story, head over to the series’ Facebook page HERE.

Leapheart promises “jaw-dropping cliffhangers” in every 5-8 minute episode, making comparisons to the likes of hit shows, True Blood, Lost and 24.

Episode one, which is just over 13 minutes, debuted about 20 minutes ago, and I’ve embedded it below; if you dig it, say so in the comments section, and we’ll continue to feature future episodes:

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Positive Vibez

Come on people!!
Where on TV or online do you see strong black leads with interesting story lines? Or any alternative content for ourselves that can also be respected in the mainstream market?!
This is a great project & deserves our support!!

Jason Pollard

I liked it…good shooting, good acing, great premise….cant wait to see more


Being privileged to see the first five episodes at the Red Carpet Premiere, I can tell you with every Chapter you’ll learn something about Osiris and the other characters, as well as the writer/director. I suggest you go to to see Chapter One! DISCLAIMER: You will get addicted! I can honestly say that I want to know what happens next and umm…I don’t think you can do it in 10 episodes…

In my opinion, bottom line, if your interest isn’t peaked to see the next episode…well it’s your loss and you don’t know good entertainment…


After a few more I’ll know for sure.


I wanna see more!! It was just a tease.

Darren T.

writing and acting was pretty poor. I really don’t see anything that would make me come back for another episode. it was a nice try but it doesn’t have enough substance or a strong enough lead actor to really work.


I’m interested in seeing where this goes. I’ll give it a try.


That’s Dan Neika Clay!! Do yo thang!


Loved it!!! Can’t wait to see episode 2, and s/o to my girl Dan Neika Clayton foe the assist in casting! Go girl!!


Nice things… Nice things…

The actor’s kind of cute…

I’d still rather watch Highlander or Torchwood.

I’ll watch up to the third episode before I make a final judgement.


Oh….Black folk.

I was really hoping this would be a joke within the first two minutes, or so, but nope…it seems to continue. Carry on.

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