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Watch: Everyone Looks Depressingly Old In The ‘American Reunion’ Teaser Trailer

Watch: Everyone Looks Depressingly Old In The 'American Reunion' Teaser Trailer

When “American Reunion” comes out next spring it will have been nine long years since the gang from “American Wedding” last saw each other, and unfortunately, time has not been on their side. Universal has released a teaser trailer of sorts, that is little more than a photobooth montage of images of the newly assembled cast, but, god, we feel fucking old. Pretty much everyone here has really aged and not for the better (Seann William Scott…dude, what happened?) with the exception of Alysson Hannigan who still looks like her perpetually perky, youthful self.

Anyway, the cachet of bagging a MILF is probably long gone for these old timers in the new film, which brings back the old gang along with new faces like Katrina Bowden, with the story finding the crew spending a weekend catching up with each other at their 10-year high school reunion. Sexual hijinks probably ensue. ”Harold & Kumar” series creators Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg have taken on the duty of preserving this all important cultural icon, however, after seeing this footage, they may want to soften the lights they are using on some of the cast members’ faces. Some scary stuff is happening in that booth.

Take a trip down memory lane below and be amazed/appalled. Recreate those feelings next year when the movie opens on April 6, 2012. [via JoBlo]

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Alysson Hannigan looks the oldest, It's like she and this other guy Jason Biggs totally grew apart.
Next to her is Tara. You have to see the movie, forget about Photoshopped pictures or of events where they probably used a lot of makeup.


What Swell said, playlist should take heed of the comments on Kevin…


I don’t think they look old. They all look pretty good, even Tara Reid. I think the writer of this post is kind of ageist.


You know who looks old? Kelly McGillis…seriously, you should look her up on imdb…I was shocked.


Suspicions confirmed! Always thought the agecentric snark on here was just for fun, but If these actors look so old, the average contributory age here must really be 16.


1. They really don’t look awfully old, though Sean William Scott looks a *little* odd. Tara Reid does look surprisingly human.

2. This franchise has always sucked and needs to die.


Kevin Jagernauth is the worst offender on this site of equating being a prick with being clever. They aren’t the same thing, man. It’s possible to do both (Sean ONeal over at avclub, for ex.) but in every story you write you come across as just being a massive dick and exemplary of the worst qualities of the internet.

If the format and expedition of The Playlist weren’t so damn pleasing, the ubiquity of Jagernauth on this site would have chased me away long ago…


Hate more.


Yeah, not sure what the writer was expecting. I was impressed that Tara Reid actually looks like a human being in those pictures.


stupid actors and their “aging”…the nerve! How dare they not look as pretty as they did during their youthful peak!

I’m guessing the author of this post is going to really love that new Justin Timberlake movie where now one ages past 25…


what are you talking about? they look great, especially SW Scott. Sounds like the writer is having problems coming to grips with something…

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