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Watch: Extended Trailer For David Fincher’s ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Looks Pretty Damn Good

Watch: Extended Trailer For David Fincher's 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' Looks Pretty Damn Good

Is it just us, or are trailers getting shorter? Obviously, there have always been brief teasers around, but even the final clips rarely seem to top out over two minutes these days, happy to tantalize audiences with money shots and the “Inception” fart-trombone noise — the days of old, with four-five minute trailers, sometimes even introduced by the cast or director themselves (like this all-time favourite of ours) seemingly long gone. Of course, you can rely on David Fincher to buck that trend.

The director unveiled eight minutes of footage from his latest, an adaptation of Swedish crime mega best-seller “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,” last week, and overnight, a trimmed-down version of that presentation has hit Apple, in the shape of a full, three-minute-and-forty-five-second trailer for the film. And it looks pretty strong.

Obviously less abstract than the “Immigrant Song”-scored teaser from the summer, the clip walks beat-by-beat through the basics of the story, and gives us the first real sense of the cast, led by Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, but with faces like Steven Berkoff, Donald Sumpter, Robin Wright, Goran Visnjic, Julian Sands, David Dencik and Yorick Van Wageningen all cropping up too. Our biggest concern had been Fincher’s desire to get his cast to use Swedish accents, but those who aren’t native Swedes seem to pull it off with aplomb (Scandinavian readers, please correct us if we’re wrong), bar Craig, who apparently couldn’t really be bothered (or just didn’t attempt to do so according to this interview).

Mara looks like the MVP here, totally unrecognizable from “The Social Network,” and the film looks unsurprisingly gorgeous, particularly the “Festen“-esque flashback scenes. There’s more menacing score from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, and it doesn’t look too far from the gothic “Zodiac” that we were hoping for from the material. We’ll find out how it matches up when the film hits on December 21st; watch the trailer below, or in HD over at Apple.

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Kevin Jagernauth

Oh, in that brief escalator scene does anyone know what those images are on the wall? That weirdo perfume ad? Real? Some background detail? It just really stood out…


It makes me really happy that they weren’t averse to putting a non-household name like Mara’s right next to Craig’s at the end.
Still not sure how I feel about Craig’s accent, though, if only because it sounds kind of like his Sooth Effrican accent from “Munich”.


If the accent issue bother you, watch this clip. I think he’s onto something.

Daniel Craig – “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”

Kevin Jagernauth

I haven’t seen the Swedish versions…did they have the same blackly funny tone? The bits of humor are a pleasant surprise.

Oh, and the accent issue doesn’t really bother me as the pervasive bleak tone seems to be front and center.

Ryan Sartor

“Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” purists are almost as bad as “Lost” fanatics.

Ray H

A bit surprising Craig didn’t put on an accent, especially since he’s been pretty good at it in the past.


Awesome! Finally, a movie that looks dense AND exciting. It looks like it’s left of Se7en, but right of Zodiac. Very nice.

About Daniel Craig’s accent… he brought up a really good point that I noticed when I worked in Stockholm for 6 months – there are people who have lived there all of their lives, but they speak the Queen’s English. They’re obvious Swedes by their look and mannerisms, but British culture is so pervasive there, that it’s not weird at all to interact with someone with that accent at a bar or ANYWHERE there.

It’s one of those deep-cut details that seems absurd to people who haven’t visited (or noticed it during their visit), but has some truth to it. Even though that wasn’t the original motivation for Daniel Craig keeping his accent…


Wohooo!! The Swedish invasion of Hollywood continues! Hahah.. freakin’ fantastic, can’t wait! Heading to a party in Stockholm tonight wearing my new hot dress for a beer in the sun! :)


It must be said, being an accent hawk is a bit silly.

I have a Swedish acquaintance, born and raised in Sweden (she spent a few years in Australia) but she had an Australian accent when we firs met and over the years as she spent time away from home and Australia, her accent as mellowed into something more British.

My mother in-law is also Scandinavian born and raised, shes lived in Africa, Denmark, London, the states, and Finland, and she has a very British accent. My wife because she’s moved around so much doesn’t have a discernible accent. I’m not originally from the US but most people can’t tell by listening to me speak.

the notion that people in the 21st century wouldn’t speak in the tongue of their mother country is not a stretch by any measure. The world is small people, deal with it.


Don’t like Mara as Lisbeth at all. And the accents are kind of distracting, other than that it seems ok, nothing extraordinary as some people make it to be.


I’m Swedish and I really feel Mara sounds way more Russian than Swedish, and most of the others, even the Swedes, sound quite British. It still looks amazing, even though it ‘s long.


While the trailer does in fact look great, with Fincher outdoing the Swedish version in every single aspect, I can’t ignore that the novel isn’t really good. It’s quite bad actually. And this still seems like a verbatim adaptation.

I’m betting the Fincher pattern (great movie followed by not so great movie) will continue with Girl. What really worries me is, if this is a huge success, Fincher will probably commit to the next two novels, which are really, really bad.


Except for Mara,
Most everyone else sounds British. It’s kind of distracting. Why not all use the same accent? Apart from that looks like a good murder mystery type of film but nothing extraordinary. Bloggers were making it sound like the second coming of Christ or something. Too much unearned hype will kill a movie.


Looks pretty much like the original, which you said you hated, but now this looks “pretty damn good”? Fincher fanboys.

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