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Watch: First Clip From ‘Batman: Year One’ Sort Of Reminds Us Of McBain

Watch: First Clip From 'Batman: Year One' Sort Of Reminds Us Of McBain

There is perhaps no entry in the Batman comics canon more beloved or influential than Frank Miller‘s “Batman: Year One.” As the title suggests, the story takes place shortly after the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents and tracks the young crimefighter’s first steps into becoming the masked superhero. Darren Aronofsky famously tried to crack the nut of getting a feature film version off the ground to no avail, but the folks over at Warnes Bros. Animation — who have ben doing a steady run of solid feature films based on DC Comics‘ properties — are getting set to release their take on the tale.

Set to hit stores next month, a clip from the film has been revealed. There is no doubt that the talent behind this thing is top shelf. Bryan Cranston, Ben McKenzie, Eliza Dushku, Katee Sackhoff and Alex Rocco are all lined up for the voice roles, with Lauren Montgomery (”Green Lantern: First Flight”) and Sam Liu (”The Batman”) co-directing the film that we’ve been told will adhere closely to Miller’s source material. So perhaps it’s just an off day, but man, this clip totally reminds us of the excellent “Ice to see you” McBain moment from “The Simpsons.” The standard superhero-interrupting-a-dinner-with-baddies is kind of played out, but we will say the tone of the scene is pretty spot on and yeah, Ben McKenzie does a good imitation of Christian Bale‘s growly voice.

“Batman: Year One” hits Blu-ray, DVD, VOD and digital outlets on October 18th. Check out the scene below and the McBain moment for kicks. [ComingSoon]

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Jasper McLaughlin

McKenzie is ridiculously miscast. I know we can’t have Conroy in the role at every turn but c’mon WB – the dude from the OC? Seriously?

Also, on the subject of doing a dead-on imitation of the Bale voice – that’s one of the only flaws with the Nolan films. Actors shouldn’t be forcing it, they should either have enough range in their voice to pull it off naturally. Some may disagree, all well and good, but Bale just doesn’t do it convincingly.

Gabe Toro

Yeah, this looks like an exact blueprint of the comic so far, word for word, shot for shot. Unfortunately, tone, voice delivery and mood is all off.


@Una The line is directly from the Year One comic, but the voice acting of all the diners is just atrocious.


post empire world? is that a joke or a failed attempt to channel bret easton ellis?
either way, the clip is bad for real. hah


I can’t believe things like this are still being made in the post-Empire world.

Una Healy

Batman’s lines are cringemaking!

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