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Watch First Trailer For “Man On A Ledge” (Co-starring Anthony Mackie)

Watch First Trailer For "Man On A Ledge" (Co-starring Anthony Mackie)

You saw the official first poster this morning; now here’s the first official trailer for the heist thriller titled, Man On A Ledge, which stars Sam Worthington, as an ex-cop-turned-con who threatens to jump to his death from a Manhattan hotel rooftop, when the NYPD dispatches a female police psychologist to talk him down; but, unbeknown to the police officers, the suicide attempt is really a cover for “a massive diamond heist.”

Oh, and by the way, Anthony Mackie co-stars, though I’m not sure what exactly his involvement here is. I haven’t seen or read anything that gives it away.

Regardless, unless I blinked when it happened, I don’t think I saw him anywhere in this trailer. Like I said, unless I blinked when it happened, because that’s really all it would have taken for me to miss it – a blink. So… that maybe tells us something about his involvement in this (although he is highlighted on the poster); either that, or studio marketing doesn’t think we really need him in the trailer to sell the picture. And maybe they’re right. Of course, there might be further trailers, or character promos that highlight individual characters in the film.

Just thought I should throw all that out there, given all the debate that’s been going on here lately about Taraji P Henson’s exclusion from Person of Interest coverage – a discussion I’ve been meaning to jump into, but just haven’t had the time to do so yet :)

Anyway, here’s the trailer for Man On A Ledge, in theaters in January:

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Yep that was him at the 1:48 mark.
It looks wack-ola. so womp womp. But get yo check Mr. Mackey.

LeonRaymond has a point. I’ve heard similar thoughts on other sites/blogs. One person said they knew this would happened to black people now that we have a black president. Wow, fools blame Obama for everything. smh but that’s another film for the future.


Im interested in exactly what type of role Anthony Mackie will be playing in the film, seeing as he was not used in the trailer.. I. hate. that.

Romeo Willis

Mr. Mackie is at 1:49-50, I think he’s shown even before a single blink is completed. Sucks, but he’s constantly getting work and I hope I get to work with him in my future. He’s great and slowly but surely climbing that ladder of greatness!!!!!!!

LeonRaymond Mitchell

Please pick up a copy of this months DGA magazine and in it Lee Daniels states that unless you are doing films about buffoonery, African American Cinema is totally dead, why is this cause they feel we have not nothing to give Hollywood profit wise, they will exclude more black actors from posters and promos and the like unless we stand up and stand for something, they see us a huge stadium of gutless people who have no selling power, so they feel they can do these things to us, I have never nor remember a time when we as Black people were so separated by our doing, those Blacks in power could care less about supporting our Indie projects written by Black folk and we don’t support each other so the industry and I won’t say Hollywood cause the entire film industry is at a level now where we are invisible to each other and business machine which is profit minded Hollywood sees we no where together like the 60’s or 70’s where we supported Black films and and screamed enough when we were given even meager roles -now we don’t count for anything and white Hollywood sees that and is now acting on it big time!!!!


Anthony Mackie is behind the wheel of a car at about 1:48-1:50. A split second basically, and it is obviously a shame he isn’t more prominently featured in the trailer.

Bruce Whitewood

Love Elizabeth Banks, very attractive and sexy. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible.


“Burn Hollywood Burn.” nothing special about this one. Wait I thought Anthony Mackie was in this one? Cause I didn’t see him in the trailer. Must not be a substantial role. But wait, his picture is on the poster. I wonder, is he gonna at least stand up for himself like Taraji did? SMDH.


Anthony Mackie stay working. I love that dude!

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