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Watch Marc Anthony and Jada Pinkett Smith ‘Get It On’ for TNT’s “Hawthorne”

Watch Marc Anthony and Jada Pinkett Smith 'Get It On' for TNT's "Hawthorne"

I don’t watch the show, but I know some or many of you do. Here’s a sexy clip of Salsa singer/actor Marc Anthony and Jada Pinkett Smith for TNT’s Hawthorne. I must say, I’ve never thought of Marc Anthony this way before. :-/ They have some good chemistry….hmm…

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Dang did I mean for this discussion to turn into a debate about Othello. They have plenty of examples about successful black relationships. I’ve never really seen interacial relationships pan out much on television. I don’t think it’s some kind of odd fetish thing and I dont agree with women thinking they have to do something they are uncomfortable with to advance their career. Let’s be honest these are consenting adults though. The scene in my opinion was well played it showed just enough without being too vulgar. Do they show alot of Black Male White Female scenarios on the screen? I can name a handful, but the race seems to be a big aspect in those relationships as well. However I’ve seen alot of interacial relationships that are between BMWF. Do I have an aversion to black romance? Certainly not thats pretty much all I’ve seen for the majority of my life. However, I believe interracial couples can work on TV as well. Something which hasn’t been shown much in the past, but the show is canceled now so…

Vanessa Martinez


Great comment :)


Jesus God, Marc Anthony is not a white man. Lke many of us he’s mixed. MIXED. African, Indian, European. He’s influenced by his Latin/Latin American culture, sure. And in this scene Latin music is playing and he’s teaching her how to dance Salsa. If he was wearing a hoodie and “99 Problems” was playing in the background, we might have a different take on it. But Interracial? A Puerto-Rican? A PUERTO-RICAN? Why? just because on official forms there’s a box for Hispanic, beneath African-American. Because we feel many don’t accept their African blood? Doesn’t make it any less true. Come on…Divide and conquer. We just can’t win. Say he’s skinny and pale, okay, so’s Will Smith, just not as much. Why not talk about the fact that Jada’s hair is processed then? Or that her character is a married woman? Come on, Jada Smith could easily be Puerto-Rican or Dominican, etc. Black women’s bodies don’t belong to any man, black, white, or purple. If you want to get off on pure black on black sex (whatever that means anymore) there’s plenty of sites you can visit and go feel proud of your black sistas giving up the ass, hardcore, to black men.

Why does anybody give a shit about who anybody sleeps with? WHAT IS THE THREAT? Is the threat to the black family? The PURE black family? That was ruined centuries ago. I mean look at Obama. His Dad was black his Mom was white and he came out looking like an identifiable black man. You take another Black man and white woman and the results might be different you might get a kid who looks more like Marc Anthony. These racial designations are so de-humanizing. Hollywood doesn’t define our image no matter how much impact we allow them to have. WE define our image. Last I looked there are plenty of beautiful black women around who would love to be with a black man in any way imaginable. Focus on that and stop watching television.


Sorry Carey Carey. This is the wrong post. Wait for another “Shame” post and maybe you’ll get some support… and I may even get your back :)

Of course, this discussion is all moot now. Show’s gone bye-bye. Would’ve been nice to see Hawthorne in a stable relationship with a brother but she’ll always be remembered as an IR girl.

Watched again and I still couldn’t feel Marc. Oh well. Now if it was a younger Steven Bauer…..


Okay, I didn’t mean to start the old “am I black and beautiful and will the white guy still love me in the morning”. I mean, what’s so liberating to know that sex sells regardless of the color of a woman’s skin. Geez, Mr. Charlie always did love him some brown sugar.

But see, my thang was not directed at that ugly dude Marc Anthony, who by the way looks like he has a heroin jones, I was just pointing out the fact that more and more of our sisters are appearing on TV and in the movies, oppositie a man outside their race.

Granted, some folks believe it’s cool and all that, but in the movies and on television, I see it as straightup pimpin’. Yeah, I’ve said this before… put one of our popular black queens on screen (black bait), grinding and showing her ass and everybody runs to the damn ticket window… “come on Carey, this is 2011, we’s free”

But no no no, let one of our black stars have a part in which she may win an Oscar as a maid, and all hell breaks loose. Something just ain’t right?

“Oh CareyCarey, it’s just a movie”.

Yeah, but what’s the message? What, pimpin’ is easy as long as the black chick is not a maid? Interracial love my ass. That segment of the USA is less than .05 %. This is about bamboozling black folks and telling everybody it’s alright b/c everybody is doing it, which is a lie!

Damn, y’all done got me started. You don’t even want to hear about my days in Puerto Rico!?


@CareyCarey But my post wasn’t about Marc Anthony’s ethnicity/race. Replace him with Michael Vartan and the same would apply.

I understand your beef. Like I said, I want to see more “black love” too. But unless I see the powers that be perpetuating stereotypes, I’m not going to get my knickers in a twist over non-black men sexing up black women, especially if they’re bringing the hotness! :D


Well they certainly went for “it”. I actually think Micheal Fassbender is an attractive guy, and one of my favorite actors, since seeing Hunger two years ago. I have no problem with interracial love playing out in cinema. I Have no problem with black love playing out in cinema, but from my perspective as a black woman it’s liberating to know we can date outside of our race and are desirable to men of different races. I just hope people consider us in a way equal to our non black female counterparts.


Now I’ll be goddamn, whose computer only works one way? I mean, are my words being deleted? Let’s take a look one-mo-damn-time at exactly what I said… *click click, copy and paste* Carey’s quote “Let me say this one mo time. Take Mark Anthony off the table b/c it seems as if some are using him to flip the script and minimize a larger issue. And the issue – from my perspective – was never about hard core porn, so please, lets bring this home”

Now, for some strange reason, you, artbizzy, came back with this jewel…. “I am far more concerned with the way black men and women allow themselves to be exploited sexually in films and music videos than a scene in which a two actors one black female and one puerto-rican, are getting it on”

HELLO! Ringa-Dinga-Bingo-Baby, seems like I’ve heard those words before! So now you’ve answered one of you own questions… “And what are the implications you speak of?”

And hold on, it gets better. This is a film blog, right? Okay, I’ve asked the question: What is the primary purpose of film? Now of course there’s different strokes for different folks, depending on ones own agenda, vocation, interests etc,. I think it safe to assume we can agree on that. But somewhere along the way films have been used as propaganda – negative & positive – to convince, sway and change the minds of it’s viewers, okay? Subtly – sometimes – but that’s when they do the most damage. The person does not know they are being screwed and brain washed, which allows them to tell all their friends about the joys they’ve just received…. just like we’re doing today.

If that were not the case, we would never have arguments and debates about movies such as The Birth of A Nation, wite savior flicks and the current movie THE HELP. I mean, they are just movies, right? And NO ONE has ever been inspired by a movie, right? Wrong! Wrong, DOUBLE “W” WRONG! …my young friend.

Artbizzy, your argument is paper thin. If you cannot understand or accept the fact that there are social and racial implications in movies, it’s to late to try and convince you that you are wrong. Hey, you mentioned Precious, so what were you implying?

Btw, you missed Precious and I now know why. Well, you don’t appear to be looking for answers that may prove that you are not looking at this issue with a keen eye and an open heart. And if you or Misha let Mark Anthony’s name fall out of y’alls mouth one more damn time, I’m gonna have to cut ya. :-)

And please, don’t open an argument about the social and racial problems of interacial relationships, if you are not prepared to hear the truth. You better ask somebody who has lived it and learned it, before you step in the deep end. Can we start with the chilldren? It may seem cool from the outside looking in, but there are deep issues that’s bigger than the two lovers.


I don’t have a problem with it. Glad people of color are working and loving each other.


@ Misha, one more time. Read my big black lips… “Take Mark Anthony off the table b/c it seems as if some are using him to flip the script and minimize a larger issue”… I have no problem with Mark Anthony, so I’m not following you down that yellow brick road. zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Now I’ll be back to address Ms artbizzy.


@CareyCarey, you’re worried about the social and racial implications? LOL Seriously? So says the man who just loves him some Lee Daniels and Precious? :|

Listen, let’s just stick to the actual topic for a moment. Here we have two characters onscreen played by Marc Anthony and Jada Pinkett Smith. Now I don’t watch the show on a regular basis but I’ve seen enough of their characters to know that they’re depicted as complex people struggling with real life issues. They’re not reinforcing stereotypes about black women, black men or interracial dating. And THAT is the most important thing to me.

Would I like to see Jada’s character getting some love from a black man? You bet! Perhaps that would get me to tune in more often. And I would certainly love to see more “black love” onscreen in general. But crying foul simply over seeing a black woman getting it in with a non-black man? Zzzzzzzzzzz


Well, this isn’t the conversation I expected to find when I came in here. Are you guys seriously bothered by a AA-PR love scene? Have you heard of Puerto Rico?

Bet ya’ll weren’t this annoyed when Jennifer Lopez had her steamy love scene with Wesley Snipes in “Money Train”.

Survey says…



This ain’t nothing new. I sure as hell ain’t color blind that’s why I can tell that Marc Anthony is a brother. Yeah, I said it. A brother. A Puerto-Rican one. And what are the implications you speak of? and what pokes so many holes in your argument is that Marc Anthony is not a white man. His Grandmammy is probably blacker than you. Come on! Hollyweird’s gonna do what it does. Why does anyone who a black woman sleeps with? Do you think that this scene or others like them are going to increase the likelihood that more white males(Mark Anthony ain’t white, once again) will sleep or want to sleep with black women. HA! Too late! Far, far too late. Look around! Or Dear I say it, more black women will want some of that vanilla C.R.E.A.M…I am far more concerned with the way black men and women allow themselves to be exploited sexually in films and music videos than a scene in which a two actors one black female and one puerto-rican, are getting it on. Class does play a role in this, too. If Jada was playing the type of character she played on A Different World or in Set it Off and Marc Anthony was playing Tony Montana just off the boat or some Latino gangster from OZ it would be a different story. But that’s not the vibe here at all.

I enjoyed watching Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Helen Mirren getting it on in Shadowboxing(Shadowboxer?). and Helen Mirren, as far as I know is not Puerto-Rican. That scene was just so wrong, it felt so right.

Vanessa Martinez


believe me I’ve never thought of Marc Anthony as good looking or sexy. BUT, in this instance his ‘swag’ was on point. It’s not all about the physical. The way he approached her, the whispering in the ear…I don’t know what to tell you.

I didn’t say I’d go for it, but, it made me feel some kind of way. haa


I’m sorry but I still don’t see how Marc Anthony is sexy. Must be the music turning women on because I just see a weak, thin, unattractive man with no, um …. manliness. Just smear on some (more) makeup and slap a dress on his ass and call it day.

Why oh why oh why must they keep pairing hot black chicks with unattractive pale guys. Jada and Marc. Nicole and Lurch and Herman Munster’s son, LOL. Is somebody trying to say something?


Let me say this one mo time. Take Mark Anthony off the table b/c it seems as if some are using him to flip the script and minimize a larger issue. And the issue – from my perspective – was never about hard core porn, so please, lets bring this home.

Now, all that color-blind world bullsh*t, and who cares who sleep with who sounds sweet, but the point remains, you don’t see Natalie Portman’s legs wrapped around Kunte Kenta’s waist. Sandra Bullock let a poor fat black boy sleep on her couch, but not in her bed. When was the last time any of you saw Natalie Portman in a SHAME (ful) position with Idris Alba – huh? Who would care if Coolie put his monster’s balls on Jennifer Lawrence?

That’s right, nobody would blink an eye if Anthony Mackie had Meryl Streep spread eagle on the floor- huh?

Look, those of you that do not see the serious social and racial implications behind this new trend, I say, never again open yo mouth at any black image on the screen ( I don’t care if it’s a black mammy with duck butter hanging out her ass) because it’s just a movie and who cares who’s screwing who.

And come on now, don’t make me take this to the sho nuff real land. We all know that the sistah – from the group – who ended up with a white guy, was the oddball-wierd-black-chick who never fit in. She’s now on several anti-depressant medications and her social life sucks.

“Damn Carey, that’s extreme”

No it’s not, it’s real, and some will play with it like it’s a movie.


Umm, bump that other discussion happening here…that scene was HOT! Oh lordy, never that I used that word in relation to Marc Anthony. LOL



Vanessa Martinez

*sigh* CareyCarey

It’s just Marc Anthony and a TV show.. calm down. Nobody is taking all your brown beauties away. Jada, Nicole, Beyonce all them coming home to you.

Marc is Puertorican anyway..*shrugs*


Oh lord, what’s next. Lets see, we have Nicole Beharie swapping spit with Michael Fass “black girl” Bender…, Halle and the monster with white balls……, Zoe Saldana with some ride or die white guy…, Beyounce with Clint Eastwood & some yet to be named pale ghost rider to fill out that ménage à trois, and Soft Focus *wink*. Now we have Will Smith’s tight squeeze and Jay-Lo’s left over!

Damn, I would rather have seen Queen Latifah turn out Jada Pinkett in Set It Off than watch another one of our golden brown beauties give that booty to anyone other than a black man.

Damn, when are we going to see ten black toes up, and ten black toe down -huh? I want to see 2 black booties going round n round, skin touch skin, workin’ it out, doing the damn thang without Mr Charlie on the couch.

That’s right, I don’t care if it’s a love scene with Monique and Sergio, or Whoopie and Tambay in the lead roles, I wanna see black love. I don’t like Oreos and I don’t put cream in my coffee. Spare me, I’d rather watch The Birth Of a Nation fifty times and sell hotdogs outside a Klan rally than watch that mess.


I’ve seen a couple of episodes of Hawthorne and one was actually Marc Anthony’s debut on the show. I thought they were going to drop that story line but I guess not. I must say, she has WAY more chemistry with him than Michael Vartan…and I’ve not paid much attention to Mr. Anthony in the past but dayum. Get it!

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