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Watch: New Trailer For ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ Confirms It’ll Be The Comedy Of The Year

Watch: New Trailer For 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1' Confirms It'll Be The Comedy Of The Year

It’s here. The moment we’ve been eagerly waiting for as much a year. The moment that meant that we couldn’t go to sleep last night, for all the butterflies doing somersaults in our tummies. The moment that caused us to press the ‘refresh’ button 783 times in a minute, for the last 180 minutes. Yes, the latest, and presumably final, trailer for “Twilight: Breaking Dawn — Part One” is here, debuting tonight over at Yahoo. And the good news is, it displays the same wit, invention and razor-sharp comic timing that made the three previous films such laugh riots.

Somehow, the series have never been able to make any headway into the Best Comedy/Musical category at the Golden Globes, thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s total bias against vampires, and their general lack of sense of humor. But if Judd Apatow thought that he had the award sewn up for “Bridesmaids” this year, he was sadly mistaken; from the two and a half hysterical minutes here, Summit have upped their game (thanks to bringing on board director Bill Condon, helmer of the hilarious “Kinsey“), making previous entries in the series look like somber dramas.

Smile! As Edward fucks the feathers out of pillows, and a baby into Bella! Chuckle! At Kristen Stewart‘s definitely-intentionally-funny make-up! Laugh! As Michael Sheen (in another rib-tickling cameo) throws some girl into a pit, or something! Guffaw! At Taylor Lautners sharp, incisive parody of a man who couldn’t give a convincing line reading if his life depended on it! And Howl! At the gross-out gag of the year, as Bella gets vampire placenta all over that nice new carpet.

Obviously, we’re still a few months off seeing the film, but we’re confident in saying that Ernst Lubitsch and Preston Sturges would be be proud at the level of hilarity on offer here. Our only concern; if they can keep it up for “Breaking Dawn — Part Two: When Nature Calls.” We’ll find out when it hits theaters on November 18th; watch the trailer below, or in HD over at Yahoo.

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Dear author, ask your gilfriend or mammy ,maybe they are twilight fans and now they can feel offended.Hmm.
You would never write such article about spandex hero,would you?


I agree with Pastry. And I’ve never even watched any of the Twilight movies. Guy pandering films get much more respect than girl pandering films. It’s just a fact of life.

Stewart has finally bloomed. She used to be wan and plain, but now she is gorgeous. She almost makes me want to watch this movie. Almost. Except the trailer is flat out ridiculous.


Oh my…I’m so sorry for the cast. Really sorry. It’s…no words. I still think Stewart is a good actress and Pattinson has a chance with Cronenberg. Hopefully.


Idiot. Maybe they’ll remake that “marvel” of modern cinema, Gladiator, and that will make you happy. That piece of craptastic cheese actually won an Oscar. And for what? Oh, yeah, so a bunch of male audience members could sit in the theatre, furtively feeling themselves up, watching guys in loincloths, getting sweaty, rolling around, and swinging a “sword” at each other. Cheesey, tired, definitely nothing new to see there. Oh, but you men LOVED it. So, it gets touted all over town and gets an Oscar. I don’t even like these movies, but people like you seem to hate it ONLY because it’s the opposite of a “man’s movie.” You know, it actually has something in it that appeals to women. I know that’s just way beneath your notice, and just too trivial to take seriously. So why don’t you just go away and rewatch Spiderman or The Expendables, and let the women have something they can enjoy every once in a while.


So which one do you wank to Benjamin, R Patz or Tay Tay? I’m guessing Peter Fatch…you probably like daddies.

Jacques DeMolay

Oh God, those shorts! I gotta say, the little white shorts in the article pic are THE best peice of marketing this movie has had so far.


Why would I take a female’s opinion into consideration in the first place, Kathleen? I only like men, you know… in that way.

Katie Walsh

What do you get when adult females rail on it, Benjamin? Bitch chills?

I think my “oh Jesus Christ” count ran to about 10+ times during that trailer. It must be said that these films are SPLENDID comedies. I have never laughed as heartily as I did whilst watching whatever the last one one was. Glad to see Rpatz is as stiff/awkward as ever. And Kristen really gets to play up the whole pale/weak female thing. I can only hope for another Razzie award winning performance from the guy who plays Jasper and what in the good god happened to Peter Facinelli’s face?


It Could Be So Much Worse

No, but really … it could.

Still, that wig Peter Facinelli’s sporting could definitely be up for a best guest appearance role. That’s legitimately the funniest hair piece I’ve ever seen.


It gives me douche chills when adult males rail on Twilight.




This is exactly the response I had to the first trailer when i saw it theatrically a few weeks ago. There were actually several audience members laughing out loud.


I am not even a fan but this article is so lame. Actually it looked better than what i expected.


why so much snark? unprofessional. Yeah, not a good movie. Just say that.

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