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Watch Now: Teen Web Series “The Girls’ Bathroom”

Watch Now: Teen Web Series "The Girls' Bathroom"

Chapter 3 TV, a collaboration of writer/producer Darralynn Hutson and co-producer Michael Negri, has recently launched its first web series, The Girls’ Bathroom.

The series is described as a weekly bird’s eye view of four black teenagers entering their senior year of high school. Each episode follows the conversation after assembly, as the girls get ready for the day.

See Episode 1 of the series after the jump.

Chapter 3 has already launched a heavy social media push for the series on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, with its four central characters boasting a few thousand followers.

Though topics of discussion on the show are said to include “boys, hair, make-up and fashion, as well as other hot topics that are popular amongst today’s teens” we can only hope that the girls eventually use their new-found influence to convey a relevant message, even as they entertain.

Launched in June 2011, Chapter 3 has three other shows slated to launch, including The Black Women Rock Experience!, a collaboration with jessica Care moore and the Black Women Rock Orchestra, TAWTK (The Audience Wants to Know), a live movie Q&A show, and WTF?, a daily look at some of the most ridiculous videos, news and sightings on the web.

For more, visit the Chapter 3 TV website.

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The Producer

Thanks for all of the comments and KEEP WATCHING!


If you like the idea, but not the execution, then keep watching and support it …spread the word, so that the hits are there giving the producers more investment interest.

Nothing I see here can’t be solved by more money. More $$ gives you more time to prepare and rehearse, and better production value.

Jillian aka Brownie

Thanks everyone for all your support! Spread the word! God Bless!


This web series isn’t that bad. Like most shows on television it takes a little time for the writers to find their voice. The actors are not so terrible that they won’t improve with more time working on the show. And the audience takes some time to build. Believe it or not, a lot of the famous shows today had the opporunity to stay on air, allowing extra time for the ratings to rise. These girls chracters are like Nickelodeon, ABC Family, Disney.. Basically any of the younger shows where you will find the characters acting in this manner. This time they are black and the young black girls have faces they can relate to, instead of Hanna Montana. Yes, she is wild now..but many of them are, it’s Hollywood.

Best wishes to the cast and crew!

We need to be a little easy on each other as blacks. I’ve noticed many blacks haven’t expanded to know that this kind of show can work in due time. We just throw them to pit ASAP,


Yes i am comparing them. I was saying like a play, tv show or a new musical. The more rehearsal time you have ( which i betting these guys had none) the better the end product. They seem to have a timing and delivery problem. I watched Seinfeld, it was funny and a lot of our comedy writers could learn alot about comedy by studying the show.


Ditto to what Darkan said!


In the words of Florida Evans “Damn, damn, damn, damn!” Are all ideas a good idea nowadays? What the hell did I just see? “Single Ladies” for little girls? Let’s keep it real, this was pretty bad in so many regards. Let’s raise the bar and start owning up to a higher standard. As black people we are resourceful and talented but we must also demand excellence from ourselves and each other. Stop saying”Well at least they got it done.” That phrase has become nails on a chalkboard to me. People we have got to do better! SMH.


The names kill me. Noir? Brownie? The acting is grating, but I like the concept. Maybe the acting improves in later episodes…


I like it! Cute & innocent!


@ Jaceton. I Never watched Seinfeld or Friends. Two television shows that took place in metropolitan cities but had a tremendous lack of diversity and culture on their show. I can be proud to say I never supported those racist Hollywood propaganda form of entertainment. But let’s be real, you’re not actually comparing this webisode to prime time television shows are you?


MiddleMyatt and Darkan, go back and watch the first episode of Seinfeld. Terrible. Once writers get more time and the actors get more time, things get better. The most important thing about this is the potential.

Darla & Mark

adorable, but they will get on my nerve really fast, especially blondie

red expression kill me when noir came out the stall


This is awesome. I don’t think it’s bad acting but lack of rehearsal time.


Blondie annoys me as much as Whitley Gilbert did, but i get that the diva character is necessary.

Hope the other girls get as much screen time, esp the one that said “turn that ghetto music off’-that was so me in high school (high five)

Lost One

180 Degree Rule?


Cool concept but really poor acting. Yes I realize that they’re young blah blah blah but there are perfectly adequate young actresses that could have delivered.




It’s good to see so many beautiful young sisters working in unison, doing positive things. Keep it up.

Please join us on Pro-Black Sheep the movie Facebook page. Thank you.

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