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Watch: Owen Wilson, Steve Martin & Jack Black Tackle Their Bucket List In ‘The Big Year’ Trailer

Watch: Owen Wilson, Steve Martin & Jack Black Tackle Their Bucket List In 'The Big Year' Trailer

We have to admit, we kind of totally forgot this movie even existed, but with the release date now six weeks out, Fox decided to actually start promoting the upcoming comedy “The Big Year.” Judging by the first trailer, we probably would’ve been fine leaving this one to the recesses of our memory.

Starring Owen Wilson, Steve Martin and Jack Black the film chronicles three schlubs in various states of crises who embark on a year dedicated to living out their dreams, which include a bird watching competition. But really, this kind of just plays like a lesser version of “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” with three people instead of two, with a contemporary, generation-spanning woe-is-me undercurrent taped to it. We’re just not feeling to sympathetic for Martin’s retirement blues from his cushy job or Wilson and Black’s malaise from their lives which include — respectively — big houses and late night phone calls to Rashida Jones. David Frankel of “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Marley & Me” fame directs so you should know exactly the tone this one will evince. Oh, and one more thing: can we cool it with stars introducing trailers? It’s rarely ever amusing or funny. Seriously Hollywood, stop.

“The Big Year” opens on October 14th. Check out the synopsis, poster and trailer below (or in HD at Apple).

Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson are at a crossroads — one is experiencing a mid-life crisis, another a late-life crisis, and the third, a far from ordinary no-life crisis. From David Frankel, the director of The Devil Wears Prada and Marley & Me, comes a sophisticated comedy about three friendly rivals who, tired of being ruled by obligations and responsibilities, dedicate a year of their lives to following their dreams. Their big year takes them on a cross-country journey of wild and life-changing adventures.

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Hmmm. I might watch it just for the cast, but yeah, the trailer does not convey the tone very well. It seems like it’s supposed to be really funny from the music and the cutting, but only a couple lines are actually jokes, and it seems to be covering up a whole lot of drama. So….I agree with Donny Wahls.

Len Affleck

From the cast alone, this looks like it will make a billion dollars.


Uuuummm, I thought this movie was supposed to be about quirky sport of bird watching, and I was expecting something along the lines of a Christopher Guest movie. NO WHERE IN THIS TRAILER DID THEY EVEN MENTION BIRDS EXCEPT IN THE FIRST 5 SECONDS! Yet they continued to show these guys looking through binoculars and even the poster has them doing that with a bird on the end of Steve Martins. This makes it looks like the Bucket List without the death….is the studio that afraid of marketing a movie about bird watching?


Looks like some weird cross between Wild Hogs and Sideways. Not sure what the tone of it is supposed to be.

Donny Wahls

well… that certainly looks – like a movie.

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