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Watch Painterly 1st Teaser Trailer For Andrea Arnold’s “Wuthering Heights”

Watch Painterly 1st Teaser Trailer For Andrea Arnold's "Wuthering Heights"

Last week, Oscilloscope Laboratories picked up North American distribution rights to Andrea Arnold’s adaptation of Wuthering Heights, with plans to release the film theatrically some time in 2012 (no specific period given), followed by DVD and VOD.

Below is the film’s first released trailer, which tells me that, at the very least, regardless of how mixed the reviews have been thus far, this should be a beautiful-looking picture – one that’s on my to-see list when it comes to the USA next year.

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Should have known to top someone who’s a member of the “WRITER’S GUILD OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

big deal



Do you actually READ my comments or do you just use The Force? I never said I was a member of the WGA…I said the person who is a member told me to watch many films while reading the shooting script at the same time. Geez, no wonder you still don’t know my perspective on Shame vs. The Help lol



1. Fassbender’s wife isn’t black.
2. The teen he sleeps with is trailer trash, and again…not black.
3. Fassbender could play Willie Lynch in a movie and I’d love it. j/k

Apples and oranges, friend. Nice try:)



Isn’t Fish Tank the same movie where Michael Fassbender plays a married guy who has sex with a 15 year old girl????

Funny…. BondGirl doesn’t have a problem with THAT!


I don’t know what to think of the racially charged version of this film, but I loved Fish Tank.


I usually ignore British period pieces BUT I will try to see this new version of Wuthering Heights. The interesting thing is Heathcliff was NEVER a white guy in the novel. Heathcliff was described in the book as a man of colour yet the film versions always had a white guy in the lead role. I think the director was trying to get to a closer version of the novel as possible.


I agree. I’m very interested to see this despite the fact that I wasn’t the greatest fan of Arnold’s previous films Fish Tank and Red Road. And a freind of mine who saw it at Toronto wasn’t thrilled about it yet he was intruiged enough to see it again. Maybe this will be the film that convinces me about her


In any other director’s hands this would be pretentious orgasmically beautiful drivel. But in Andrea Arnold’s deft hands…

Vanessa Martinez

I love the look of this.

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