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Watch: Rachel Weisz Asks A Lot Of Questions In Clip From ‘Dream House’

Watch: Rachel Weisz Asks A Lot Of Questions In Clip From 'Dream House'

In case you didn’t get enough Rachel Weisz at TIFF where she featured in three films — “360,” “Page Eight” and “The Deep Blue Sea” — there is even more of the actress on the way as she stars later this month in the upcoming, long delayed, and unfortunately awful looking “Dream House.”

Co-starring Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts, with Jim Sheridan in the director’s chair, “Dream House” follows the story of a successful New York publisher (Craig) who moves his wife (Weisz) and children to a New England town, where they buy the home of their dreams. That dream, however, is shattered when they learn that the previous tenants were murdered, leading the husband to team with a neighbor (Watts) to learn the truth about the crime. If you saw the spoiler-tastic trailer for the movie, you’ve likely already figured out the twist that has been so easily given away. If not, this new clip of Rachel Weisz looking stunned and asking a bunch of questions might be more compelling than it deserves to be.

“Dream House” hits theaters on September 30th.

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Nice that you decided to dislike the movie even before you have seen it Kevin.


Please Darren shut up

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Word is that neither Daniel Craig or Rachel Weisz like the finsh film and are reluctant to do press for it. Not to mention the fact that Jim Sharidan lost creative control to the studio:


Having seen the film in a screening, not only does the trailer give away the entire film, it gives away its purpose as well. Both Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig try their best with what they have but the script is so predictably cliche that it turns into a joke. Both Weisz and Craig deserved better than what they have gotten.

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