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Watch Sherri Shepherd & Daniel Sunjata In Trailer For “One For The Money”

Watch Sherri Shepherd & Daniel Sunjata In Trailer For "One For The Money"

I couldn’t tell you much about this; we’ve probably written about it, likely when Sherri Shepherd & Daniel Sunjata were added to the cast. Other than that, nada. But I’m trying to stick to the “knee-jerk 2011” agreement I made with myself, so I’ll say nothing instead :)

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Holy Crap!!!!


“but every time i see her I just get angry”

LOL That makes two of us, mantan.

Sunjata? Mmmm. Yes. Heigl? Hell no!


@Bondgirl she’s got 3 strikes with me, ever since she did that to Isiah Washington she’s left a bad taste in my mouth and I can’t f8ck with her, and it’s too bad b/c I really liked her in “Knocked Up” but every time i see her I just get angry, lolol….


Katherine Heigl is really stunning and very talented. She is incredible and she is amazing. It’s an exceptional performance, just wonderful.



The prostitute in the books is african-american so I could see why they would actually cast a black woman in the role. So in this case it really isn’t the studio’s fault, but I could see your point of view.


I’ll say it:

Our ancestors are turning in their graves. Lena Horne, Buttafly Mcqueen, Hattie Mcdaniel, etc, etc. Why in the hell are these black women playing prostitutes in this film when they don’t have to play prostitutes in anybody’s film. What is the conversation that’s going on in their heads: The role of a prostitute? In a comedy? Starring Big Names? Oh fantastic! Or this sucks but eff it I wanna go to St. Bart’s in December. Come on black people, JUST SAY NO! Can we look beyond exposure and a paycheck? It’s 2011 if their were many other films we’re black women play a wide variety of roles than fine but come on, the only time Hollywood thinks of casting black women in a film it’s for the role of a prostitute or a maid. Nothing has changed. Nothing. Lets get our heads out of Hollywood’s ass and put it into making great quality films we can be part of.


Well, I’ve read most of the books in the series (which are hilarious by the way), so I understand why SS’s character is a prostitute. I’m just concerned that Heigl’s character isn’t as goofy and ridiculous as she is in the book.

Daniel Sujata is pretty gorgeous, and I’m always glad to see him. Side note: I saw him at the grocery store and nearly flipped out. He’s even more delicious in person. Anyway I guess we’ll just have to see what happens come January. I do recommend the books by Janet Evanovich….I think she’s up to 14 or 15 in the series by now. Could be wrong with that count, however.


It doesn’t look like much. Although Daniel Sunjata is always a delight to see.
@BondGirl I don’t know why Sherri Shepard is a prostitute in this movie either….I don’t expect it to be anything spectacular just some easy laughs.


I didn’t like how she threw Isaiah Washington under the bus right before he got fired off Grey’s Anatomy for his homophobic comments on set. So she has 2 strikes with me already…however, it looks like it could be cheesy good fun. I would only see it if a date was paying.

I’m not even going to comment on SS’s hooker role. Not going there today! lol

LeonRaymond Mitchell

I am very am very impressed , finally a Katherine Heigl film where she is using her in born skills -I have all ways hated her but here she is awesome

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