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Watch Short Teaser For D.C. Sniper Thriller “Blue Caprice” (Isaiah Washington, Tequan Richmond)

Watch Short Teaser For D.C. Sniper Thriller "Blue Caprice" (Isaiah Washington, Tequan Richmond)

Here’s a short teaser clip for Blue Caprice, which I found on director Alexandre Moorswebsite. The thriller, written by Ronald Porto and currently filming in NYC, stars Isaiah Washington in the role of the Washington D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad, who took the lives of at least 10 people in a random killing spree in October of 2002.

Tequan Richmond, best known for TV’s Everybody Hates Chris, will also star as his young murder accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo. Tim Blake Nelson (American Violet, Yelling To The Sky) is set to co-star.

Isen Robbins and Aimee Schoof of Intrinsic Value Films along with Will Rowbotham of Prolific Entertainment will serve as producers. The 34-second clip just shows the Blue Caprice along with some very intriguing cinematography and score.

Interesting.. I’m definitely curious. Take a look.

Blue Caprice from alexandre moors on Vimeo.

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Omg I can't wait to see this! I was an extra in the movie!


Omg i was an extra in this movie


I can't wait to see "Blue Caprice" !!!


I can’t wait to see how it all turns out… Im excited that they film in my home town…

Dankwa Brooks

Also let me say that I get that vibe from Washington having just seen him in the media. Some people just give off a “weird vibe” not to say that they are in real life.

Dankwa Brooks

Micah that was a joke for Vanessa.


I like the simple everyday of it with that eerie music. The guy driving slowly in the car in front of you could be a sociopath with a rifle–that’s much scarier to me than flashing lights. Maybe the subtle horror reminds me of when people were afraid to come outside during that time in the area, and would walk zig zag from their cars to their destination.

Vanessa Martinez


hahaaaaaaaaaaa! I don’t know..maybe, but the filmmakers seem to be male.

I just think it’s a matter of personal preference. I also think they were shooting for a different style.

Dankwa Brooks

Well maybe the teaser is for women. shrug.

Vanessa Martinez

I like this clip just the way it is. I like the subtlety of it. I don’t need big ol’ flashing letters. It’s not “Transformers” . That would be cheesy, just me though.

It really was a tease for me. I like the indie look and feel and I’m loving the score. I was totally engrossed by it.


@ Dankwa: You are right. The teaser should leave you intrigued. Perhaps there wasn’t enough tease in this teaser. I do appreciate subtle adverting sometimes this may have taken too far. You don’t always have to have flashing lights and blaring sound effects.

However if you are suggesting that the teaser’s subtly makes it for women, I disagree. Subtly is for meditative intellectuals. Granted I may be misinterpreting your comment. That is by no means an attack on you. Just a general statement directed to hollywood. A good teaser is a good teaser and a lazy one is a lazy one.

I also agree with you about the over use of dutch angles and “MTV style editing”. Both can be used to great effect but with over use they lose their impact.

@BondGirl and Adam: Is he really that umm… peculiar?

Dankwa Brooks

@Jug I like you version too, but as you stated. Too much money. I doubt if this guy is Oliver Stone ‘JFK’ type money. I hope if Alexandre Moors uses our ideas he at least gives us a shout out on S&A. I doubt it though. His lawyers will be all over him.

@ MIcah “I understand how you can want more though but this is just a teaser not a trailer.”

Isn’t the point of a teaser is to get you intrigued to see the next thing from the film? This one left me wanting…and I don’t mean to watch the film.

Teaser ESPECIALLY the last seconds:



Woo! You called it for sure. I met him once in DC during the Obama inauguration. We had a short conversation. He’s…..really interesting. Perfect for this role. lol


Ha! Opening of Taxi…


@ Adam: The interesting thing about your comment is Isaiah sort of resembles John Allen. Granted that may have been what you were referring to.

Adam Scott Thompson

The role Washington seemed destined for.

Dankwa Brooks

LOL Vanessa.

I don’t want to belabor the point, but I’m not one of those filmmakers who really like flashy angles (HATE over use of Dutch Angles) and “MTV style” ADHD editing and VFX. I like great cinematography, subtlely and in camera practical effects.

I would have just been happy if the trunk opened a little bit. Just a hint of danger. Right now it’s just the opening of the TV show ‘Taxi’ without the cool jazz music.


I’m cosigning with Cynthia on this one. I like the creepy feel it has to it.

I understand how you can want more though but this is just a teaser not a trailer. They may be unveiling things slowly like an old time striptease. A little here. A little there. Each time leaving you wanting more.

The two main actors seem like a good choice. I hope the film is creepy psychological as the teaser may suggest.


I think you could use the same music, or even a low hum of white noise like you’ve been hit in the head-a whine almost. Disorienting. A slow motion dolly through pure pandemonium. People running everywhere at a spot like City Place or Crystal City, somewhere extremely crowded mid-day. Camera, mainly at waist or leg level, moves through the hell of fear & moving bodies, many of them colliding sometimes falling hard to the ground- to a car sitting by itself or wedged in between other cars in a crowded lot, nondescript & unassuming…coming to the trunk of the car, closer, closer, closer, fade out-letters appear on screen B-L-U-E C-A-P-R-I-C-E

But you gotta pay for that instead of driving on the parkway LOL


It’s okay. Agree it could have been better.

I love your version, Dankwa. Same music, same slow pace with POV from inside the trunk. Then sudden screen flash. Definitely feel that. Might be a little too over the top but still better.

Dankwa Brooks

Eh. I wanted more. A shot from the trunk straight at the screen FLASHING to white with “2012” appearing in the white would have been freekin HOT!!!


I’m intrigued as well. Seems to have a nice “creepy” feel to it.

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