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Watch “Surprising Europe” Episode 5 (On The African Experience In Europe)

Watch "Surprising Europe" Episode 5 (On The African Experience In Europe)

Not sure if anyone is keeping up with this Surprising Europe documentary series I alerted you all to late last month. I haven’t; though I plan to play catch-up this weekend.

It’s part of a large multi-media project, which includes a 9-part television series and a website (, combined to give what they’re calling a realistic idea of what Europe is like for African immigrants.

My initial reaction to this was immediate interest and wonderment; however, soon after, I questioned whether this isn’t all that different from the “Black In AmericaCNN series that many of us here in the USA have had nothing but intense loathing for. Is this essentially “Black In Europe,” except it’s courtesy of Al Jazeera, or is making that comparison reductive? Are any of our readers in Europe having a similar reaction to this as those in the US of A did?

Chime in…

Below is the latest episode of the series:

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Alright, I watched the first three episodes (they’re all about 24 minutes in length). The series looks like something they created for children or young teenagers. Despite the solemness of the topics, it’s upbeat and simplistic… skims the surface. I was expecting something along the lines of Africans in America or some other Henry Louis Gates program- it definitely isn’t that. Don’t think I’ll watch the remainder.

One depressing thing I did learn is that Africans have picked up on the stupid saggy pants trend. Wanted to smack the hell out of that rapper in episode 1.

Better luck next time.


I am looking forward to the next episode.


I’ll give this a look-see. Didn’t watch Soledad’s special (for more than 5 minutes) so I wouldn’t be able to compare the two.

Guillemard Kete

I like this show and the people featured. Nothing like CNN’s alienating Black in America.

I’d take this program any day over Soledad O’ Brien’s ludicrous journalism.

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