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Watch Trailer for Drama About Female Iraqi War Veteran “Burned” Premiering On BET October 2nd

Watch Trailer for Drama About Female Iraqi War Veteran "Burned" Premiering On BET October 2nd

Directed and produced by Phyllis Toben Bancroft, Burned will premiere on BET Sunday, October 2nd at 11pm et. The film, written by Joseph Caston, stars Bianca LaVerne Jones in the role of a firefighter and Air Force veteran who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome when she returns from the war in Iraq. Elijah Rock will make his film debut as Dr. Michaels and Eric Roberts will co-star.

Writer/director Toben Bancroft was the recipient of BET Network’s $100,000 Lens on Talent award, which she used to produce this film. Check out the director’s interview with BET, where she discusses the film HERE.

I’m very curious; glad to see a black woman in a powerful leading role about an important and relevant subject today. Watch the film’s trailer below.

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Jus Jonie

Powerful. I'm sharing the link with others


This film looks amazing! I am helping to build a Veterans Program, and I am currently in the process of doing research on Veterans and the Military communities (including military families). I have not heard much about the issues facing women who have served, and who are currently serving. I am looking forward to watching this and spreading the word about it!

Billy DaMota CSA

Hello everyone. I was the casting director on the movie (I was lucky to be able to work with the director on her first film SPENT). As far as Eric Roberts, he’s someone I know and have cast before – and trust me, he hasn’t fallen on hard times :). He’s a huge supporter of our troops and our veterans and was gracious enough to do us the favor of appearing in BURNED. His involvement will help bring this movie and its subject matter to a wider audience and for that, I thank him greatly.


Powerful message needs to be made into a feature.

Can’t wait till it airs!


Looks great! Enjoyed your film SPENT also which I saw on BET’s Lens series.


Loved Spent. Looking forward to the Premier of Burned. Well done Phyllis and anyone that had a hand in this production-both behind and in front of the camera!


This is such a powerful and real story directed by a Director to watch out for. I am looking forward to watching the film.

Donna L. Kinsler

Words cannot convey enough of my appreciation of my beloved sistah’ Phyllis. She graciously brings healing and entertainment through her lens. Her cinematic thread is a wonderful addition to the fabric of life.
Burned is a must see and indeed the components for a television series.



Yonnick Jones

This looks like a great film that should probably turn into a regular t.v. series! I can’t wait to see it on Oct. 2, 2011. Continue the great work!!!


I think it’s a well done film that brings out the ways in which post-traumatic stress can creep into people’s lives. I love seeing an African American woman in the lead role, one who has undergone the horrors of war and still wants to serve society, but has to learn how to take care of herself first. This film highlights the problems so many vets face and the isolation that comes — and the help, too. Beautiful!

Contessa B.

I..for one..cant wait to see and support this. PTSS/PTSD is a huge issue with out past and present VETS that seem to go unnoticed and untreated. KUDOS to Phyllis for taking a huge step in bringing attention to this subject…and not only that affording the leading role to a Black woman. Real acting can sometimes be raw and rough around the edges…it makes the characters seem more real in my opinion. Who cares why Eric Roberts is in this film….it doesnt center around him. For all we know…he could just be doing this because of its importance…and wants to be a part of something larger than ‘Hollywood’.

Meegan Peebles

Looks Great Cant wait for it to come on tv. I dont watch tel Lie Vision so u know..I will set a reminder!


Powerful trailer. I’m looking forward to seeing the full length. I’ve been tracking this director’s work at festivals for the past few years and think her film making is inspirational and grounded in truth, with European sensibilities that a U.S. audience might not be used to watching, because the lead is African American. Well, get ready, change is in the air! It’s time for actors of all colors to be recognized for powerful roles outside their normal hollywood stereotype.


What a great pre-view! A story that is about many veterans, regardless of race.

The lead actress is VERY GOOD in this. Eric Roberts is a good person to help bring this great film to the forfront.

The director, writer presents the kind of work we need to see. REAL LIFE.

Hope this becomes a tv weekly series.


Aphrodite, I cannot agree with your comment that Cuba Gooding Jr has been out of luck w/ jobs and he has starred in every single low budget straight to DVD flick you could possibly think of, and he is still no where.

That makes no sense at all. I believe that if you put his career up against many of our top tier black actors – over the last 10 plus years – minus Denzel and Will Smith you will see that he is on course and way above the pack. He may not have starred in a blockbuster (who has) but the man is NOT standing in the poor house.,, the man is working! In fact, isn’t he in Red Tails? I mean, straight to DVD? What, American Gangster, Pearl Harbor, Men of Honor, Radio, As Good as It Gets, Shawdowboxer?

And, besides, Rosemary’s comment is still very valid. Who knows why Eric Roberts decided to take this role?


I didn’t know Eric Roberts was in this? Hmm…times must be really difficult for him.

No it’s not tough times for him. He has four projects for 2011. Including his own indy film.

Him being linked to this film will help it and the director. If this film does well on BET it might open doors for that director.

Look at Arjay Smith-he was in one of the Doritos Superbowl commercial (Housesitter one directed by a sista in Houston) in 2011. Some very big name folks in Hollywood loved that commercial and now he has a starring role on a TNT show coming in 2012-Perception.

He was also in To Save A Life and despite not being the star more folks knew about the film because of him. It only cost a million to make and made 3 million during it’s limited run.

You never know who is watching these films or commercials.


@ Rosemary

Lots of actors do low budget films sometimes because a good friend asks them to or they might have a good director/producer friend taking a film to Sundance.

But you have to understand that some actors have no choice to star in low-budget straight to DVD flicks because they are not getting any offers.

Take a look at Cuba Gooding Jr. career ever since he won his Oscar he has been out of luck w/ jobs. He has starred in every single low budget straight to DVD flick you could possibly think of and where is he now? *crickets* he is still no where.


I think I would support this film because it has a female writer, producer, director… Yes the acting may seem different but so what. As for Eric Roberts being in it may note have anything to do with hard times. Lots of actors do low budget films sometimes because a good friend asks them to or they might have a good director/producer friend taking a film to Sundance.. or like Melissa Leo( academy Awards winner) continues to do smaller low budget work because that is part of the craft.


*Eyes staring at the screen wide open* Huh??? What’s up with the casting and what was this shot on?


Well Vanessa, I have to say that you’ve redeemed yourself after bringing us Jada Pickett Smith’s Hawthorne mess. Yeah, that’s right, the woman was going off the air but you had to show us her and Marc Anthony’s nasty sides *lol*. And truth be told, that’s why the series was canceled, you know it. Black folks can’t be up in the kitchen stirring up heat, unless they’re cooking chicken for their boss. I mean, not on national TV. :-(

Anyway, this post is very interesting. First, I served in The USAF. Yes, that’s true, so I am always interested in seeing how “a war” may have affected one of my fellow soldiers. Plus, in this case, it’s a black soldier.

Another note of interest is the actor Eric Roberts. He has struggled with a few demons that I can also relate to. In fact, I just recently saw him on one of those celebrity rehab show. Btw, I hate those shows. They are so superficial and do more harm than good. They don’t tell the whole story nor the right story., but let me move on.

Now it’s time to champion BET. We spend a lot of time trampling on that network, so I think it’s only fair that when they do something honorable, we should say thank you. Look at this package: $100.000 given to a black woman, who in turn used it to make a film starring a black man, playing a Iraq war veteran! Damn, now that’s something to cheer about.

Darla & Mark

love what I see


It looks promising it could use some work in the acting department.

I didn’t know Eric Roberts was in this? Hmm…times must be really difficult for him.

LeonRaymond Mitchell

You know what makes this so powerful besides having a good look to it, is the fact that this film had no Stars in it and it forces you to focus on the story and for a long time your thinking hey these pople are the real ones? but alas they are actors – I love Women Directors -powerful film poweful subject well done production -please every one let the lady through please !!!

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