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Watch “Water Pest”, A Short Film From Writer/Director Corey A. Burkes

Watch “Water Pest”, A Short Film From Writer/Director Corey A. Burkes

I happened upon a review of this fun short film on, and was instantly intrigued by its simplicity and overall effectiveness. For what it’s worth, Water Pest shows promise, and offers a look at what could be– with the right amount of development– a colorful spin on the norm.

The writer/director behind Water Pest is Corey A. Burkes, a graphic designer/author who has created an in-home studio and production company called DesktopEpics. Water Pest, a 4-minute action-short, stars Janice Williams and Frito Marcelin.

Through DesktopEpics, Burkes produces short films, animation, and audio theater, among other things. And he prides himself on the fact that he does it all on a $0 budget.

It’s not the fanciest of short films, but for $0 it sure got a good amount of chuckles out of me.

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SKINNY DIPPIN' FREAKY DEAKY BAAAABY… This brotha was hungry :-) He didn't let big guns and long blades block his flow. He was ready to pay the price to get "IT" right *LOL*. This short was pretty damn good. . Hey, I laughed when the brotha broke brush around that swimming pool. He was like… HELL NAWL… this brotha don't hang around to see no monster. This whole production had quality written all over it. The sound affect were on point. The graphics were sharp and clear. And check it out… the camera was hand-held AND cost less than 300 bucks. And, he did the editing on an HP. Very impressive. This guy has skills. I thought the acting was cool too. It fit the script. She was serious and he was sort of a dork with a one track mind.


Thanks for your comments and questions! It was a fun project to work on. If you were entertained we did our thing!


i may be slow, but can someone explain to me what exactly was she shooting at?


I throughly enjoyed this:)


Really enjoyed this short. I loved the concept and the humor! I was pulled in! I would definiitely follow this producer/director in the future.

Geneva Girl

I thought it was funny that when he saw the knife and the gun that he didn’t get out of the car and RUN. His bad acting was even funnier. (Or, was this a farce?) Still, I chucked.


Interesting concept — but the most annoyingly bad acting I’ve seen in a long, long time!~


Syfy’s next full length feature LMBAO

How many bullets did she have? :-P

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