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I don’t remember aliens being in the game Battleship – but maybe I wasn’t playing it right.


Another bloated Epic.


This post has so many serendipitous rewards – for me. I loved the game battleship. In fact, my son and I just play it and Stratego about 3 weeks ago. We used to have the electronic version, but we played the cheaper one this time. Oh, and he cheats. Yeah, later in the game he’ll say a ship wasn’t hit when I KNOW I hit that thang. And my brother was in the navy. Many years ago I visited him on a ship in Norfolk VA. It was much larger than a battleship. He was on the aircraft carrier, USS Dwight D Eisenhower. Those babies are HUGE! If you fall off one of them, you will break your neck and be lost at sea. You can’t turn those babies around like you’re making a block in the hood.

Yeah, memories is one of the things this post has inspired. I just visited my brother in the hospital – yesterday – he just had a leg taken off because of complications with diabetes. He served 25 years in the US Navy.

On another note, at the end of this clip, one came up on Blowfly, known to some as Clarence Reid. Sergio posted a couple of links/stories about his adventures and a documentary about his life. Of course I remember listening to some of his stuff, but what I found the most interesting is how people have made money off him and Sam Greenlee, the author of The Spook who Sat By The Door, but they both are living on meager incomes, barely getting by.

Rihanna and this movie Battleship?

Well, Rihanna has a look and she has an audience, but I am going to pass on this one.


I looked at the clip and all I could think of was….when did Nancy O’Dell leave Access Hollywood? WTF? I am out of the loop indeed.


Come on we already know it’s bad-they cast HER in the film!

What Diddy was to busy looking at himself in the mirror to try out for a role?

They could have saved $200 million and let SYFY do it.


At some point in this movie someone has to say the line.
You sunk my battleship!”


I will check it out when it come out on AMC (TV) – 2 years from now


Berg has directed some really good films in the past like Friday Nights Lights and The Kingdom with Jamie Foxx. What’s he doing making craptacular like this I don’t know. Talking about “whoring out”


Rhi-Rhi face is too small for her neck.

That’s Peter Berg. I only remember him as an actor. Wow he’s a director.


I’m more shocked to find out Peter Berg is directing! When did that happen? *shrugs*


you mean straight to VOD


…this bullshit? LMAO!


Erik Childress

For the film to truly be an adaptation of the game with extra bells and whistles, every explosive sound effect has to be the same one used in Electronic Battleship.


“Straight to DVD”

Not with a reported almost $200 million they spent on this film

Duncan MaNutz

Straight to DVD


I don’t care who is in this flick. I still won’t see it! C’mon “Battleship”? I use to play that game at day care.


Pardon my French, but this film is gonna suck donkeys.

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