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YOU decide – What Are The WORST Black TV Shows Of All Time?

YOU decide - What Are The WORST Black TV Shows Of All Time?

Since EVERYBODY steals from us (such as Monique’s Michael K. Williams and Django Unchained scoop from last week, which was reported on film and news blogs practically around the world), why not steal from someone else this time? So with that I came across this amusing recent item on (That’s right Bossip. I makes no bones about it. I love it) in which they list, in their opinion, the WORST black TV shows ever.

Of course it wouldn’t be a list without including the infamous former UPN sit-com Homeboys in Outer Space on the list; and looking at the rest, there are some I agree with, some I thought weren’t THAT bad, and a few, to be honest, I’ve never even heard of.

Take a look at the list yourself. What would you agree with, disagree with or would add to the list? You can see it HERE

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I forgot Vivica Fox was on that show! Guess that should have been early indication.

Cosigning with Love That Girl. Total crap.

Ambivalent about Martin. At times it was very, very funny but then he’d insult Pam too much for being dark and showing kinky hair with her weave. I always chalked that up to him hating his girlfriend’s best friend until a friend of mine told me how much she hated that show due to the light vs. dark theme. Now when I watch I can see it from her pov and some of his cracks make me cringe.


Can I counter with a GREAT short-lived series-THE SHOW starring-Mystro Clark, this situation (K)omedy was ahead of its time and only play about 7-8 1/2 hour segments.

and bad show UPN(unitedpeople network) LEGACY..!!


Homeboys in Outer Space wasn’t one of the worst shows of all time.

House of Payne is garbage.

I liked One on One also. It was just par to me, not awful.

My memory could totally be playing tricks on me, but I remember reading a positive review of The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfiefer I never watched it, but the bizarre premise interested me, and that’s when I heard of Chi McBride, who I love.


I agree with most of the list, although I haven’t seen every show on there. I know “Homeboys From Outer Space” is garbage without having to watch a single scene from it.

“One on One” wasn’t very funny, but it wasn’t really awful either, there are much worse black shows than that which didn’t even make the list. “Love That Girl” should’ve made it on there since it’s not funny at all and has some of the worst gay stereotypes in TV history.



You fail for mentioning “Martin” in the same sentence as Tyler Perry’s rubbish. “Martin” is arguably the best black sitcom of all time, and it’s certainly the funniest.


Wow! Out all night…man I hated Vivica A Fox’s character. She was so annoying!


House of Payne
Meet the Browns


LOL @ “Sparks”!!!! I remember watching that show and thinking, “What is this…???”

Homeboys in Outer Space was horrible. I don’t even know how that got on the air. I also remember “Out All Night” with Patti LaBelle. That seemed kinda whack to me, but I was like 10 or 11 when it aired.


Oh, Mother Love’s talk show

Basically all talk shows except Arsenio and Oprah.


Man, I don’t remember most of those shows. Guess they were superbad.

Affion’s show – should be off the air by now if it isn’t already
LL Cool J’s sitcom where he played a football player trying to get back on the team- don’t remember the name
Up All Night or Out All Night – Patti Labelle’s show where she was a nightclub owner (only watched because of Morris Chestnut – woooooooooo)
Queen Latifah’s talk show
Marsha Warfield’s talk show
Tempest Bledsoe’s talk show


I’ll tell you one that occurred to me that should be on that list.: UPN’s Sparks. The sit-com from 1996-98 about father and son lawyer team with James Avery, that guy who played Juwanna Man, Robin Givens and Kim Whitley, who whenever she appears in anything is a sign of quality

OH MAN That was bad show!

And I’ll tell you one show that shouldn’t be on that list Believe it or not House of Payne. As I wrote once before on S & A from the few times I’ve seen it it’s not THAT bad and no worse that a lot of other mediocre black sit-coms. Then again maybe I only saw the better episodes


Basketball Wives
Wendy Williams
Real Housewives of ATL

I love Tyler Perry, but HOP is the worst. It’s not my cup of tea. Not funny at all.


I don’t agree with “One on One” or “Ced the Entertainer Presents”. They were good. “One on One” showcased Flex Alexander who is just likeable to me. I never knew Kelly Perine but I thought he was in good in his role and that his character and Flex’s character had good ‘buddy’ chemistry. Enjoyed Tichina Arnold when she guested. Kyla Pratt, Robert R’Chard and Sicily had good chemistry too. A good show for teens and for parents. Cedric’s variety show could’ve done without the dancers and opening monologues but most of the sketches/characters were funny and are memorable. A lot of those players like JB Smoove, Amy Brasette, Wendy Raquel Robinson, I loved and even the minors like Ken Jeong, Tony Minor and Jay Johnston and even Craig Robinson, I didn’t know them before this show. Now I recognize them in other things.

A couple of these selections I wasn’t aware of at all: Sinbad’s show, Chi McBride as Lincoln’s slave??? and Red and Meth. The rest, I agree, were bad.

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