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2 Clips & A Bunch Of Sun Kissed Pics From Johnny Depp’s ‘The Rum Diary’

2 Clips & A Bunch Of Sun Kissed Pics From Johnny Depp's 'The Rum Diary'

Update: MTV has debuted a new poster for the movie which you can check out below.

It seems as if we’ve been waiting forever for “The Rum Diary,” and in a way we have. It started filming over two years ago and has taken its time in reaching the big screen, and while the decision to skip the festival circuit entirely has made us a bit wary, there is denying that Bruce Robinson — who directed the grimy cult classic “Withnail & I” — had no problem adjusting to the sun baked tropical setting of the film.

Based on the novel by Hunter S. Thompson, the film has Johnny Depp playing Paul Kemp (reprising his role to a degree as the Thompson stand-in from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”), a freelance journalist who finds himself drawn to the Caribbean at a critical turning point in his life. While there he battles his editor (Richard Jenkins), and meets the saucy Chenault (Amber Heard) who hangs on the arm of Sanderson (Aaron Eckhart). A plethora of new pics from the film along with a couple of clips suggest a much more laid back vibe than the trashed hotel room poster might suggest. Either way, Robinson makes the most of his Puerto Rico locations where the film was shot, with folks like Giovanni Ribisi still looking good under a scruffy bread and Heard simply looking gorgeous.

“The Rum Diary” opens on October 28th. Take a look and pics and clips below.

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Except for not having blond hair, looks like Giovanni Ribisi got Moberg down perfectly – perfectly disgusting! Really looking forward to this!


Fuck this movie and Fuck johnny depp. Hunter S. would be ashamed of this portrayal. He was always a lecherous salamander, not some polished down celebrity private-eye. fuck this movie


Looks very good from the pics. And I wish the bloggers/writers who post about this film would stop writing as if they are surprised by the more “laidback” vibe they get from this. The novel is not at all like Fear and Loathing. And the Paul Kemp character is really not much at all like the character in Fear and Loathing. If you’d right away acknowledged the differences, it would make more sense but the way this is written, and the way a couple of other posts about this movie are written it’s like you haven’t read the source material but just assume it’s in the same style as Fear and Loathing. Kind of a strange assumption and standpoint.
Done ranting, but just wanted to get that out there.


I’m praying that with source material from Hunter Thompson and directed by the writer/director of Withnail and I, that this film is going to be great.

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