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ABC Adapting Tracy McMillan’s HuffPo Op-ed “Why You’re Not Married” As Comedy TV Series

ABC Adapting Tracy McMillan’s HuffPo Op-ed "Why You’re Not Married" As Comedy TV Series

The condensed version of the story goes… TV writer and author Tracy McMillan found herself at the center of some controversy earlier this year, in February, after an editorial she penned, titled Why You’re Not Married – a witty, sharp, tongue-in-cheek piece/advice column aimed specifically at women – was published on The Huffington Post website (you can read it HERE). Thousands of comments followed, as well as reactions/responses from several other media outlets, small and large; even CNN chimed in.

Fast-forward 8 months later, after becoming something of a celebrity herself, thanks to all the attention that single op-ed attracted, McMillan has signed on to adapt Why You’re Not Married as a TV series for ABC.

Deadline says it will be an ensemble comedy that will explore “the current state of modern American love – especially the dynamic between the millions of attractive chicks between the ages of 25 and 45 who want to be married… and the men who seemingly refuse to commit to them.

The series producers promise to deliver “a brutally honest look at love.

The Huffington Post piece drew a reported 2.9 million views, soon followed by a bidding war among book publishers for McMillan to expand the editorial into a novel, which will be titled Why You’re Not Married…Yet: How To Stop Acting Like a Bitch And Start Getting Hitched, to be released next May.

Interesting background on McMillan: she’s the daughter of a pimp (black father) and a prostitute (white mother), both abandoned her, leaving her to grow up in the foster-care system, all of which she explored in her first book,I Love You and I’m Leaving You Anyway.

And her main reasons Why You’re Not Married, as listed in the Huffington Post op-ed: 1) You’re a Bitch; 2) You’re Shallow; 3) You’re a Slut; 4) You’re a Liar; 5) You’re Selfish & 6) You’re Not Good Enough.

As you might expect, the piece wasn’t well-received, especially from women-centered media sites; though not all. So it’ll certainly be interesting to see what the reception for a TV series based on the article will be.

Again, feel free to read it in its entirety HERE.

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This may be the authors experience but she does not speak for all woman, and I’ll go as far as most woman.
We all choose to live our life in a certain way. Do what’s best for ourselves as singles and then as a couple.
What really ticks me off is the author thinks that we as woman should bend and live our lives around our man, instead of the couple compromising for each other.
So many things with her article bother me. I shouldn’t though, those are her experiences.
Good luck with her tv show, we all need to work.

The Questioner

Yet more exploitative distraction hackery from Hollywood and the corporate-owned publishing industry. And from a TV script hack, no less!

Of course substantive critique will be dismissed by hipsters-in-the-know as just humorless “political correctness.” Never mind that many of us are writers, filmmakers, novelists, and creative artists ourselves and can spot junk entertainment a mile away. Never mind that this is a project that insults men and women in the name of comedy, and spews yet more sewage into the sea of bigoted propaganda posing as harmless entertainment already out there. Never mind that this is yet one more corporate media attack on women disgusted as tongue-and-cheek “humor.”

Here’s the real joke: Oh-so-hip and jaded writer McMillan is willing shill for multinational corporations. Nice.

The Pompatus of Cinema

There is a God.


Sigh… She wasn’t telling you anything about yourself.

The article was a JOKE.


Miles Ellison

This will not end well.

Baldheaded Baby

I just want to know who are all these supposively gorgeous women articles like this are always mentioning? If things are really that easy for men these days as many women allege, then why are men complaining about women so much on internet comment boards. Somebody is way off on their assessment of the dating picture – is it the media or the male commenters?


And it’s gon be REAL white, I’m sure.

This chick is in the same category as Steve Harvey to me.

NOBODY married three times can tell me anything about myself, Boo Boo, sorry.

The point of marriage is to get married and STAY married. Sure, you can GET married, but apparently you can’t stay that way. Have a whole ROW of seats, girl.


Feeling a bit scared. Will the satirical tone be kept or will it be another Steve Harvey, non-relationship expert telling you how to get a man type tv show? Did those people bidding on the story understand it wasn’t literal?

Same problem I had with Chappelle Show (and it’s airing on Comedy Central instead of a black network). Whites took the humor it straight up and still don’t really get it.

However it ends up, at least it doesn’t sound as if they are going to take it in a desperate, lonely black woman way.


HILARIOUS!! See, this sort of writing is too inflammatory for most people because people go by “flashy headlines” and sound bites. Not to mention, sarcasm, wit & “tongue in cheek” style-humor is a dying art form. So when people “read” (using that verrry loosely) this on the internet, they often take it straight up.

But after all that, this is gonna make some women’s heads explode. I agree…the reason folks can’t find a mate, male or female for whatever reason-good or bad-is them. Period.

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