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Aisha Tyler To Join CBS’ “The Talk” As Co-Host

Aisha Tyler To Join CBS' "The Talk" As Co-Host

Still smarting from their bonehead decision to dump Holly Robinson-Peete, CBS is desperately trying to make things right on their show mid-day gabfest The Talk before they lose all their viewers.

So it was just announced that starting today comedian and actress Aisha Tyler, who had appeared on the show during the past week as a guest, will become officially a co-host on the show along with Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and the ever unpopular Julie Chen and Sheryl Underwood.

There had been attempts before for Tyler to have her own talk show which failed to get off the ground, but one can assume if if she comes off well on the The Talk there might be another opportunity for her own show in the future.

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Bring back Leah and Holly. I have not watched The Talk since they were let go. The show is now very boring!


CBS needs to keep Aisha and get rid of Sheryl. I don’t like that CBS chose Sheryl to replace Holly Robinson. Sheryl is such a negative stereotype of the black woman and I think Aisha Tyler is such a classy black woman and a good actress.


Congrats to Aisha! I still love and miss Holly & Leah but Aisha is a great selection. Now, The Talk needs to remove Sheryl Underwood and, perhaps, I will consider watching once more. Still, it’s tough to support the show given the callous treatment of Leah and Holly.

Glad to see Aisha with a regular gig. Talented, smart, funny, cute — much deserved!


I have been a fan of Aisha Tyler since Talk Soup, and she does great voice work on FX’s Archer. Yes, she does deserve better options.


Been following Aisha Tyler since she hosted Talk Soup back on E! (because it was suddenly worth watching under her stewardship) and have been consistently frustrated that she can’t seem to land a single job worth having. I thought I would cry when she guested on Friends until I saw she’d done a spread in Maxim and then I just cried.


Yay love Aisha, now just get rid of Sheryl…The way the others look at her crack me up!!! The look of terror on their faces whenever she open her trap to speak because they don’t know what’s going to come out of her mouth.

Mekisha Hale

Great idea for once that at best they were thinking meaning the show producers to add on “Aisha Tyler” as a co-host then just a guest host. It’s now official that “Aisha Tyler” is going on ‘The Talk’ THANK GOD!!!
Since the last time this summer the departure or firing which ever you could say it. Pretty much was fired actress “Leah Remini” and “Holly Robinson Peete” was such a mistake on “CBS” part that the rating must have been slowing down since the new edition of comedian “Sheryl Underwood” and “Kris Jenner” who was a guest host.
So with the new edition on the show “The Talk” the two host that were let go earlier this summer now are complete with “Sheryl Underwood” Sharon Osbourne,Sara Gilbert,Julie Chen now it’s official “Aisha Tyler”.
Just a fan of “Aisha Tyler” Hopefully with the new co-host it will help the show

Sell Out

LOVE her!

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