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Amanda Peet & Michael Sheen Are Also In Terrence Malick’s Next Movie

Amanda Peet & Michael Sheen Are Also In Terrence Malick's Next Movie

Unless They Are Cut For Extended Shots Of Tree Branches Blowing In The Wind

It’s Halloween and it seems that today’s treats are bits and bobs about Terrence Malick‘s next, untitled film (aka “The Burial“). First word cropped up that little known American Indian classical composer Jerod Tate would be providing the score. But in addition to the cast, which currently includes Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Rachel Weisz, Olga Kurylenko, Javier Bardem, Barry Pepper, Charles Baker and in a small role, Jessica Chastain, it looks two more stars popped up on the set that we didn’t previously known about.

The eagle-eyed folks at The Film Stage have done some digging and revealed that both Amanda Peet and Michael Sheen headed to Oklahoma to take part in the shoot last year. The former expounded on her experience on the set, which for many who work with the director, is unlike anything they usually experience.

“I wasn’t there for very long, and we worked really long hours, so I didn’t really get a huge taste of it, but it was really beautiful [Malick] couldn’t have been lovelier. He has a very, very particular way of shooting,” Peet explained to LA Story this spring. “He calls things out to you while you’re shooting, and it’s very, very different than other work that I’ve done…You just go to work, and they do a master shot and then a medium and then a close-up and then a close-up, and he’s nothing like that. He’s like a jazz musician. There’s a lot of variety, and he doesn’t do the same thing twice. He improvises and he lets you riff, and then he’ll shout something out to you that he wants you to say in the middle of the scene. It’s a very mysterious and wonderful, magical process.”

As for Sheen’s revelation, it was a bit more cryptic. Doing press rounds for “Midnight In Paris” during the summer he said, “Well I’m very excited to be able to work with people like Woody [Allen] — and Terrence Malick as well, this year. Hopefully I’ll be able to carry on working with these people whose work I love to watch.” It’s safe to say he’s talking about the untitled drama, but who knows, maybe he’s the wiseass narrator of “Voyage Of Time.”

Of course, given the star power present, doesn’t mean any of these folks will make the final cut (just ask anyone who worked on “The Thin Red Line“). Malick is ruthless editor, shaping his movies both as he shoots them and well after the fact. So if you wind up seeing the movie and there is no Amanda Peet, but a lot of scenes of wheat during magic hour, you’ll know why.

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Paul Maher Jr.

Because condescension is their game; my point of contention is not properly crediting my blog as ALL THINGS SHINING, as opposed to “Malick obsessive blog.” When contention is raised, they condescend once again and call me a sociopath instead of simply agreeing or not agreeing.

I originally pulled my site down in agreement with you because I had used articles of which I felt I had linked etc. Seeing that I was in error, I yanked the material down with a new approach to simply use my own findings or to obtain permission ahead of time to post it.

I am very agreeable and do not care what you post, but for krissakes, give people their proper credit instead of condescending. You aren’t better than other sites, nor am I.

I apologize if I offended. I run a blog for fun, not drama.


Kevin Jagernauth

Hey Terry, we talk about that shoot here:

It was pre-production work on his next movie, not “The Burial.”


Whatever happened to the CHristian Bale stuff they were shooting at ACL? Is that the same movie as THE BURIAL?


lol @ the subhead of this article

Alex P

Dude has shut down that site before many times. He’s a bit of a freak.

The Playlist

Sigh, the problem is Paul Maher Jr. is a borderline sociopath and does not understand the internet.

The dude has used tons of quotes over the years from various sources — EW, Premiere, etc. — in his many well-researched Terrence Malick interviews, but he never gives links or credit to any of them. I know because I often double checked.

However, when he reports something and folks like Film Stage or us properly link and accredit, he freaks out and throws little tantrums (not the first time he shut down his site — way to cut off the nose to spite the face). The man has some entitled sense of.. he’s the only Terrence Malick expert there is and everyone else is ripping him off.

As bunty said, “ridiculously childish.” We did everything correct and he still flipped, through another tantrum and shut his site down again. Congratulations?

I’m sure if you email him and ask nicely, he’ll add you if you want to be added to his site. It’s not hard to find if you google it up.


I’m quite sad that the Terrence Malick blog is now invite only. Though I do not agree with the reasons Mr. Maher closed the blog, I do think that your incredibly snide comment on page didn’t help, and in some odd way contributed to the loss for the rest of us who did nothing but obsessively read.

I personally think you guys are fantastic journalists which is why I wish you wouldn’t participate in these sort of childish spats. They do nothing but hurt the online film community.


I can’t stand M. Sheen. Hammy, annoying turd!


Ha, the guy who runs the Terrence Malick blog has blocked it from public view now. I saw his little post bitching about you guys and The Film Stage “stealing” his material. I fully side with you guys on this one – you attributed the information to him, provided a link to his site, and I don’t see why he’d have a problem with his site getting more attention that way. I’m a Malick fan and had literally never seen his website before, so for him to shut it down/restrict it to 100 users seems absurd.

Oh well. I guess he doesn’t want people to read his research and opinions. Ridiculously childish. TEAM PLAYLIST!


Why does this headline and article sound so condescending?

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