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Anne Hathaway Joins ‘Les Miserables’ As Fantine

Anne Hathaway Joins ‘Les Miserables’ As Fantine

Rumored since the end of the summer, we can now say it’s official: Anne Hathaway has joined the star-studded cast of Tom Hooper‘s “Les Miserables.”

With the big musical production gearing up to start shooting at the end of this year, a number of names been bandied about to join Hugh Jackman (as Jean Valjean) and Russell Crowe (as Inspector Jalvert) in the film. While Hathaway’s name rose to the top for the part of Fantine, Amy Adams and Rebecca Hall were also in the mix, but Hathaway has emerged with the part in what is sure to be one of the major Oscar contenders next fall. There are still more roles to be cast and among the names rumored — at least a few months ago anyway — included Hayden Panettiere, Miranda Cosgrove, Lucy Hale and Emma Watson vying for Eponine and Cosette and with Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter reportedly lining up a re-team with “The King’s Speech” helmer to play the Thenardiers.

Anyway, Jackman, Crowe and Hathaway alone vault the project to the top of the Oscar pile, and we’ll see the results when the film opens on December 7, 2012. [Deadline]

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Connor Macgregor

I saw Les Mis a few days ago in London and it to me is the greatest musical I have ever seen. To me, Its The Citizen Kane of Musicals. So I hope that Tom Hooper can get this right, I just hope he does.


Sorry y’all. Unpopular opinion, but I gotta say it:

She’s gonna ruin it. And yes Amir, we will have to deal with her terrible fake accent again…

She can’t sing well enough, and she’s not the best actress. Les Mis is one of my favorite musicals, and I may not even see this because of her…

Alright, now y’all can yell at me, but it still won’t change my opinion.


I just looked at Haigan’s link. She’s perfect! she struggles with some of the notes, but she could smooth those out with more training. she’s great for the character! such a genuine quality which is perfect for cosette.
and I can see where the resemblance is. Dye her hair perhaps.
the last song is just heartbreaking. I want her to be eponine as well (though i don’t think she has the right voice for that character).
thanks for posting that Yazmine!


i think she’ll be great! she can definitely sing so it will be fun to see her use her voice. and the musical is all singing, so hopefully there won’t be as much trouble with accents. Any news on the rest of the casting? Cosette and Eponine? I really hope they cast Eponine right! She’s the best character! There is this girl on youtube who i think would be excellent for cosette:

She has similar facial feature to anne as well- which would be good.
And Marius? I’m excited about the whole revolutionary group too.


Amir, Anne’s British accent in Becoming Jane was good.

Amir Syarif Siregar

Guess we’re going to deal with her accent problem again.


Glad to hear Anne got the part.She deserves this role.Good career move.I hope film will be good.I can’t wait to hear entire cast.


Hugh Jackman yet said it during his european promo for REAL STEEL

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