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“Attack The Block” Director Joe Cornish Hints At Possible Sequel, U.S. Remake, TV Spin-Off

"Attack The Block" Director Joe Cornish Hints At Possible Sequel, U.S. Remake, TV Spin-Off

According to, Attack The Block director Joe Cornish revealed at New York Comic Con that he has been approached with several ideas for follow-ups to his popular film, to include a possible sequel, remake, or TV series spin-off.

Cornish specifically mentioned that Attack The Block breakout-star John Boyega has come to him with a sequel concept about “a bigger alien attack on London, as if the attack we saw in ‘Attack the Block’ was just the [first] wave and there’s another wave of bigger creatures.”

It’s good to see young John Boyega learning to maneuver through the industry and possibly garner himself a writing credit on this. If he keeps doing what he’s doing, the young actor should go very far in this business.

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my vote is for a sequel


I saw Attack the Block a couple weeks ago and LOVED IT!!!

I don’t want a US remake at all!! It would totally be whitewashed.

A sequel though…h*ll yeah!!


I was at the NYCC Attack The Bloc panel on Saturday, and Cornish and Boyega (especially Boyega) didn’t seem too excited about the prospect of a US remake although Cornish did say that he’s been approached about it. Boyega was awesome describing his ideas.

The panel was fun, Luke Treadaway was there as well, I was impressed with Boyega’s energy and charm. As I expected Cornish was hilarious. The crowd was out of control, when they entered the second time (Cornish had them come back in cause the PR guy was, er, lackluster), they were greeted with chants of “BLOCKHEADS! BLOCKHEADS! BLOCKHEADS!”

What I was most impressed by though, was how Cornish articulated the degree to which the he and the rest of the filmmakers so consciously constructed the film as 1) social critique using the alien invasion trope 2) to honestly represent the lives of the kids 2) pay homage to films of the past

Someone also asked whether they’d consider doing the kind of barnstorming tour that Edgar Wright has been doing with Scott Pilgrim to drum up more support and so that more people could see it in more areas.

We all also got limited edition Marvel posters and they ALL SIGNED THEM.

This is gonna be a cult classic at the very least.


I would support a sequel, but not a US remake.


A US remake will be a whitewashed. I vote for a sequel.

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