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Love your show- Issa! Its so funny- glad to see it becoming really popular. I passed the youtube link around to so many people. I hope it makes it to daytime..anyways..I am def anticipating more episodes… :)


I love this series! Congrats on the well deserved success.


I am very happy for Issa she got interviewed on CNN that is huge! Well done! It is so nice to see someone proactive and making things happen.

Darla & Mark

Bring the Asian guy back, get rid of the church lady.


Hi. My name is J and I’m an awkward black girl. :D

Great interview. Can’t wait to see this show on Showtime or HBO – the only places that would give it a real chance.

Keep doing your thing!


Go, Issssssaaaa! You are an inspiration. Keep doing you!


Issa you look great on the show, keep on, keepin’ on!


Yes, I really enjoy her show, kudos to Issa, cast and crew.


Happy for her. Exposure is Queen :)


Kudos Issa!!!! Congratulations. You look beautiful!

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