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Bill Murray, Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Patricia Arquette Join ‘Charlie Swan’ With Charlie Sheen

Bill Murray, Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Patricia Arquette Join 'Charlie Swan' With Charlie Sheen

Bill Murray and Charlie Sheen in the same movie? Uh, WINNING.

It has been a decade since Roman Coppola‘s directorial debut “CQ” and while he hasn’t been sitting idle — he co-wrote “The Darjeeling Limited” and “Moonrise Kingdom” and co-directed an ad for Stella Artois with Wes Anderson — we’ve eagerly been awaiting his return behind the camera and goddamn if he isn’t coming back in a blaze of glory. Variety reports that Murray, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Patricia Arquette have all come aboard the film which also includes Jason Schwartzman, Aubrey Plaza and Katheryn Winnick. ‘Charlie Swan’ stars Sheen as a successful graphic designer whose fame, money and charm have made him irresistible to women, but his life soon downward spirals into doubt, confusion and reflection when his girlfriend breaks up with him, leading Charlie on the road to self-evaluation. Winnick will play said ex-gf while Plaza plays Marnie, a producer who works with Swan at his company, Swan Design. As for the rest of the roles, they remain unspecified.

While some dorks out there keep holding out for a “Ghostbusters 3,” they should note — in case it hasn’t become already apparent — that with Murray getting offered more interesting stuff like this, which afford him the ability to do quality work and not have to face a press gauntlet, he’s not exactly eager to rush off and do a big tentpole movie. And frankly, we’d rather see Murray continue down this path (and remember, he’s also wrapped the period flick “Hyde Park on Hudson” earlier this year). Production on ‘Charlie Swan’ is already underway in Los Angeles, and yeah, this sounds pretty damn ace. Films from both Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola in 2012? Let’s hope so.

In related news, Deadline reports Sheen’s TV version of the Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson movie “Anger Management” has just landed a deal with FX with ten episodes to air next summer and if all goes well, it will be followed by an order of ninety more. Looks like Sheen is back to his F-18 winning ways. Let’s just hope he can keep it together.

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It just kills me how so many rich people (especially hollywierd actors) are such drama queens who whiiinnnneee about the good lives they have. Don’t tell agent to get over himself. Agent’s right. Hollywood needs to get over itself. There’s nothing good about anybody in hollywood anymore. They’re all creeps who just live to serve themselves. The entertainment can be fun yeah, but far as the actors go (and multi-billion dollar CEO’s over companies which treat their employees like crap so they can impress stock holders and make, then hoard more money), I’ve got no respect to give.


Saw a picture of Bill Murray in the Huffington and Puffinton Post’s article about this. Not sure I buy it. Wondering if this is all a bunch of BS. Lot of people believe Bill Murray is dying. A fake news release would be a great way to point people away from a direction where they don’t want anybody looking around.

Louise almost Brooks

Get over yourself agent, it seems just awesome..i already want to watch this movie, maybe it will do some good and prestigious festivals..COOL


pretentious, self serving garbage from a Coppola offspring.

Just what the world needs, more movies about rich white people “problems”

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