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Brothers Grimm: Snow White Stills Diminish Hope in Relativity’s Family Flick

Brothers Grimm: Snow White Stills Diminish Hope in Relativity's Family Flick

Thompson on Hollywood

The more we learn about Relativity’s The Brothers Grimm: Snow White, the less excited we become. This “family friendly” take on Snow White (with Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer), versus Universal’s edgier (or so they want us to think). The Brothers Grimm: Snow White, is directed by Tarsem Singh, and will be first out of the gate on March 16, 2012. Rupert Sanders’ Snow White and the Huntsman (with Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth) is in theaters July 1.

The details shared for Huntsman by Theron, Stewart et al at Comic-Con suggested that this Snow White interpretation could be a worthwhile movie-going experience. Not so for the stills above and below from Grimm, which make the classic fairy tale — ripe with creative opportunity — taste like sugar water.

Set photos from Snow White and the Huntsman.

Character details for Snow White and the Huntsman.

More on the dueling Snow Whites.

Thompson on Hollywood

Thompson on Hollywood

Thompson on Hollywood

Thompson on Hollywood

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@BUFFY2011: Hollywood directors only want her because she was in Twilight and they know that if they get her, all the Twitards will flock to the movie theaters JUST to see her. & lol, it is not going to "bring down the house".


it’s like comparing apples and oranges. this one looks like a film that you can take your children to go see, while the other one seems a little more adult. both films look like rip-offs of others. this one alice in wonderland, and the other lord of the rings. either way both films are going to have some major competition when they open. this one is sandwhiched between john carter and the hunger games. while the other one is sandwhiched between men in black 3, madagascar 3, and prometheus.


Dale- I take it you are a Kristen hater. She is such a “bad” actress that every director in hollywood wants her. I suggest you watch Speak, Into The Wild, Welcome To The Riley’s before you pass any judgement on Kristen’s acting abilities. Her Snow White is going to bring down the house.


Any film with Kristen Stewart, the worst actress alive, must suck. So this Snow White still is more interesting than that rip off of Lord of the Rings and Joan of Arc.


This looks like something you’d see on the ABC FAmily channel, not in the theaters. And why did Armie Hammer say yes to this after pulling off Social Network and J. Edgar? Seems like a big step backwards for him.


i saw the work of rupert sanders the director of swath i really think he is talented i guess my bet is in swath because for me is more appealing the costumes the set and the story besides i love charlize theron with her you know she is going to be an evil queen and chris is really great besides this sw with tarsem looks like kind of boring ( just my opinion )


“Jamie”- You realize you don’t pick a project soley on the director, right? Universal studios offered her the lead role in a big budget epic. How many girls her age get those kinds of offers? And please explain which “A-list” actresses werent’ interested in SWATH. They weren’t looking for “A-list” they initially were looking for unknowns, someone whose public image isn’t so cemented celebrity wise, ala Mia W. in Alice in Wonderland. Kristen and some other younger stars names were thrown out, they went the unknown route with auditions, then came back to her. Where they were having trouble with casting was with the huntsman in terms of gettin an A-lister. Which isn’t hard to underestand because why does Johnny Depp need to play a sidekick role when he’s the lead always? Chris Helmsworth was a smart choice, because his star is rising, he’s proven himself in action films, but he’s still at the stage of his career where taking this role isn’t like a step down for him.


Where’s Rob Lowe when we need him?


and I don’t think Anne is being unfair, Dixon, she’s just saying so far the stills don’t look promising. Doesn’t mean it can’t still be a good film still, just that the stills diminish higher expectations.


The costumes maybe striking in its detail in HD, but that’s not enough for this to look passable. Julia Roberts looks like Julia Roberts at a costume ball, and the poor girl has a duck on her head, and Armie Hammer is going to look like an Uncle Pedo Dancing Bear when he tries to pick up SW, because she looks 13 and Hammer looks like he is pushing 30.


If every director in Hollywood wants her, why is she doing a film with a newbie director that no other A-list actress was even interested in?

This film looks aimed at kids and families. I’m sure it’ll be a huge success and film critics will hate it.


The costumes are beautiful. (Search for the high definition images if you have any doubts.) Tarsem’s picture is well cast, Lily Collins in particular. Based on Tarsem’s past work and what we see here, I expect the finished product to be vivid and visually thrilling. I’d definitely see it. I’ll confess that when it comes to women with rapiers, my preference is more for la fille de d’Artagnan than Eowyn, though I do enjoy it all. I see no reason not to enjoy this picture.

Dixon Steele

Actually, Tarsem is a gifted filmmaker (THE CELL, THE FALL) and a great visualist. But hey,why not review and slam the film based on a few stills?

It’s Tarsem’s next film, IMMORTALS, that looks a little cheezy. But at least I saw the trailer.


what’s up with that Bjork hat on Lily Collins?


I read somewhere that the writer of this admitted that the studio just wanted to jump on Universals coat tails with another Snow White film and these pictures do nothing but prove it. I see no good reason why this film is even being made. There is definitely not a demand for it.
It’s like Relativity thinks we’ll be to distracted by the colorful costumes to realize we are just seeing a repeat of the same story over again. The fact that they released a picture of Lily Collins with a duck on her head as a promo still makes me cringe.


How very boring. It surprises me constantly that the, no doubt, good intentions to do something interesting by someone long ago, are stymied and then destroyed by the studio’s desperation to mass appeal.

It’s not stupid to want to appeal to as many people as possible with your film but, rather than try and please everyone by churning out the same old tosh, why not make something that people can decide to see themselves?

Why not get something new, even if it’s from a new book as opposed to a new screenplay. Go for the big new thing. Just don’t spend $30m finding out. People don’t care about the effects that much anymore, they want to see something new and good.


Looks like they are trying to copy Depp’s Alice in Wonderland to me. I didn’t care to see that movie either.

Lorraine Carano

It was a wasted opportunity that they did not cast seven recognisable actors with comedic experience as the Seven Dwarfs.

Julia Roberts doesn’t look like an evil villain at all and the crew is very lazy to not transform her appearance for this film like with Glenn Close in 101 Dalmations.


I don’t understand why it doesn’t “look” better-Tarsem’s “The Fall” was obviously not big budget and yet it still “looked” amazing.


Honestly, this looks just plain silly. I feel like I’ve already seen this bubble gum Snow White so many times. Hollywood keeps peddling us this same stuff but ticket prices are not cheap anymore. I’d much rather spend my money seeing Snow White and the Huntsman which looks far more interesting.

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