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CASTING WATCH: Who Should Play Grace Kelly in Upcoming Grace of Monaco?

CASTING WATCH: Who Should Play Grace Kelly in Upcoming Grace of Monaco?

Grace of Monaco, a spec script by Arash Amel, has been acquired by Pierre-Ange Le Pogam (through his new Stone Angel production and financing banner). Given the competitive level of interest in the script, the film about Grace Kelly, who was both Hollywood and actual royalty–will likely be gearing up sooner than later. The script looks at a six-month period of Kelly’s life during 1962 when, as THR puts it, “the city-state got into a heated dispute with France, which grew tired of the petite principality being a tax haven. Kelly, still relatively new in her role as princess, maneuvered behind the scenes to save Monaco from a coup. Insiders have compared the script to King’s Speech in scope and tone.”

The question now is who will play Kelly. We cull some possibilities, below.

Kelly is probably best remembered as one of Alfred Hitchcock’s ice princesses in Dial M for Murder, Rear Window and To Catch a Thief, as well as George Seaton’s The Country Girl, for which she won an Oscar in 1955 (the same year she met Prince Rainier, whom she subsequently married). Casting Kelly, who was 32 at the time when the film is set, will be as tough as casting Elizabeth Taylor in Martin Scorsese’ Furious Love (which has no news of late, which may indicate trouble).

Some names that we anticipate being thrown in the mix during casting conversations (these are not our recommendations) are:

Rachel McAdams, Blake Lively, Amanda Seyfried, Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson, January Jones, Diana Agron, Elizabeth Olsen, Brit Marling, Kate Bosworth, Rosamund Pike, Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Williams; [UPDATE] Diane Kruger, Charlize Theron.

Of those actresses, we might consider as real possibilities Pike, Marling, Olsen, McAdams, Kruger or Theron. In the capable-but-wrong-for-the-part category there’s Williams and Mulligan, and in the please-Hollywood-you-should-know-better pool there’s Lively, Seyfried, Watson, Jones, Agron and Bosworth.

Tell us what you think.

THR has more details on Kelly’s career, life as a princess and her death in 1982.

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rosamund pike all the way, she's underated yet very talented actrees. just check on her grace kelly tribute photos on Guardian. she just nailed it.


Amber Heard is perfect I'd actually go to see it or pay to see it if Amber is cast.


Elizabeth Olsen! looks just like her! And she can act.


Amber Heard is the only actress today that looks like she could be Grace Kelly's reincarnation. She has a bit of that modern all american look that needs to stay in check for the role, but I cannot see any better choice… If they choose someone else, I won't even watch, because we need Amber Heard at her best to do justice to Grace Kelly's beauty.


This film must to be wonderful because Grace was a great woman, and I think the casting doesn't hurry!


Charlize Theron is more like Marylon Monroe


Scarlett Johanson also could


Gwyneth Paltrow I think would be the actress to play Grace Kelly.


Anna Torv from Fringe… she has amazing acting abilities


I agree! AMBER HEARD!!!!!!!!




My choice would actually be Kate Bosworth or Charlize Theron, but PLEASE non of those newcomers who just don't have the "flair" to them to play Grace. (But also NOT Reese Witherspoon, please, Hollywood, don't!) Missing in the list: Kate Beckinsale and Sienna Miller!


January Jones by looks, but Rosamund Pike for acting that is.


Brit Marling and Diane Kruger intrigue me, but I doubt either is a big enough box office draw for the producers. PLEASE not Rosamund Pike!

bob hawk

NAOMI WATTS!!! (She can do younger than her actual age.)

Ronnie D.

Based purely off of looks, Kate Bosworth is by far the closest match. My personal pick would most likely be January Jones, but most of these aren't bad choices, except for Michelle Williams, because she's not pretty enough. Carey Mulligan wouldn't work either, on account of looking nothing like Grace Kelly.


I really like Carey Mulligan but she is quite ugly. HOW IS SHE DAISY BUCHANAN????????????????????? and no to Grace Kelly. Kruger would be decent. I don’t know with the accent though. McAdams maybe, but she has yet to pull off something above mediocre. She would work well in a period piece- make fun of it all you want but The Notebook is a testament to that. The fact that Blake Lively, Diana Agron, Amanda Seyfried, and January Jones are even mentioned next to supremely talented actresses like Williams, Theron, and Olsen is atrocious. Why not throw in every D-lister while you’re (not you Anne… I know you’re not casting!) at it? Good grief. Bosworth looks nothing like Grace Kelly (other than the blonde hair) and is one notch below decent in terms of acting, so no. Grace Kelly may not have been a great actress (she wasn’t), but she had an uncanny presence and so far none of the names mentioned really fill that role. Maybe Theron. Maybe.

But really… Mulligan as Daisy??!! End tangent :)


This is not supposed to be a gathering of all the actresses. Just someone specifically fits for the specific role you know.


January Jones certainly has the chops for this role.


I honestly think Reese could pull it off, so could Theron – size doesn’t matter, H’wood has ways of getting around anyone’s stature, but I think Reeese would be surprising in the role.

Adam Lewis

Meryl Streep of course!


Rosamund Pike!! She’s got the look for the time, and does great work. She’s perfect for this role.

Billie Kassidy

Kate Bosworth hands down, her work in Big Sur the 1960s movie based on the Jack Kerouac novel shows she’s her hidden brilliance.


rosamund pike all the way!!!


Rosamund Pike for sure! Not only she got the looks, but she’s also a very talented actress.

Julie Jay

Definitely Rosamund Pike – she has beauty,grace(sorry about the pun) and the right demeanour.She has a starry-eyd look like Grace Kelly and is a fine actor.


Olga Kurylenko. She’s the sexiest thirty-two-year-old on the planet, her face is pretty and she can carry a film.


Please not McAdams! She can’t act either!


I’m guessing that most of the posters making “serious” casting suggestions here have never even SEEN a Grace Kelly movie. So far, as someone who’s seen most of Kelly’s movies, none of these suggestions make any sense to me whatsoever. Kelly was a type they just don’t make anymore.

On a related note, before reading the post I first tested myself on which actresses I recognized from the 13 displayed and was able to recognize only six of them, three of whom I have yet to see in a movie.

Ani C

None of these… why do they need to to a Grace Kelly Biopic anyways? They’ve run out of original matieral? oh wait, they have… never mind.


It really doesn’t matter that much……NOBODY is Grace Kelly, or ever will be, but Grace Kelly herself. She was supremely unique, amazingly beautiful and regal. I think they should concentrate on the acting, period. There will never be another Princess Grace….ever.

Daniel Peters



Zooey Deschenal – google pics of her with dyed blond hair. She’d be perfect – big blue eyes, same bone structure, delicate features and similar, vocal tones!


Rosamund Pike would be a good match. Sarah Gadon is a nice pick for an up-and-comer.

Wayne Jones

Jennifer Connelly has the grace and acting ability required.


Amber Heard reminds me of Grace Kelly so much. Same drop-dead beauty, same moves. Still since there is this thing called hair bleach I’m surprised that all the suggestions are actresses with already blonde hair. What about brunette actresses or redheads?

Hardly Hedda

Naomi Watts although not 33 has the looks and class (not to mention the acting ability) to emulate Grace Kelly on screen.


Reese Witherspoon? Thanks for the laugh.


Theron is the only actress with the looks and the acting chops for this role.

George Colombo

Kate Beckinsale.


While I like Pike and Jones both, neither of them look right to me, because Grace Kelly had those amazing luminous eyes and they… don’t.

I can’t help but think of Jessica Chastain in the role. My second choice would be McAdams.


To those saying Jones, have you ever seen her act?

None on that list scream Grace Kelly to me, but Theron certainly has the chops.


Anna Torv from Fringe.


Why not Amber Heard?

Laura Matthews

Scarlett Johansson! To me, she’s a doppleganger for Grace Kelly, especially the eyes.


January Jones is a TERRIBLE actress. C’mon.

My choice would be Rosamund Pike, because she has the gracefulness and the right spirit to pull it off.




Gotta be Pike. Almost a dead ringer.


Rachel McAdams. She has that modest gracefulness that audiences find real likeable.


January Jones would be great. I’m watching Mad Men right now and she is so reminiscent of Grace Kelly, that’s really one of the first associations when you see her in that role. (And I think the resemblance is even mentioned in the series.) It’s very much her looks, but also her behavior, the way she moves, her posture, her facial expressions.


I would go with January Jones or Rosamund Pike. I would love to see Rosamund tackle it. She could be brilliant.

Anne Thompson

Angelina Jolie is too identifiably herself to impersonate someone so well known. Cleopatra yes, Grace Kelly no.

sophia savage (author of post)

Theron is a good suggestion, she certainly has the chops. Her stature would be the issue.


Sheer looks-wise, January Jones, without a doubt.


January Jones looks the most like her when she’s done up in the full Grace drag, but she would need to work with some sort of elocution coach to get her voice a little deeper. I know people have a problem with her acting, but she has been nominated for an Emmy and a couple Globes–she has potential.

Reese Witherspoon would also need to work on the voice. What about Charlize Theron? Too tall? Rosamund is a great choice, too. Elisabeth Olsen is far too young and her face is very wrong for this.


its angelina jolie


No , to Michelle Williams because the poor girl couldn’t pull -off Marilyn Monroe ( I don’t care that some of these ridiculous critics are praising her performance. ) .


No , to Michelle Williams because the poor girl couldn’t pull -off Marilyn Monroe ( I don’t care that some of these ridiculous critics are praising her performance. ) .

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