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Chloë Moretz & Keanu Reeves Recreate ‘Taxi Driver’ In Harper’s Bazaar Photo Spread

Chloë Moretz & Keanu Reeves Recreate 'Taxi Driver' In Harper's Bazaar Photo Spread

What’s the next best thing to being in a Martin Scorsese movie? Pretending to be in a Martin Scorsese movie.

With “Hugo” on its way to theaters next month (and recently being given a surprise screening at the New York Film Festival you can read our thoughts here), Harper’s Bazaar has put together a nifty little retrospective, contacting a handful of the director’s past actors to share their thoughts on working with the helmer and getting some recent collaborators to take on scenes from some of his movies. The snaps sure to get people talking the most are the recreated scenes from “Taxi Driver” with Chloë Moretz taking on the role of the teen hooker made famous by Jodie Foster, and perhaps more startlingly, Keanu Reeves (attempting) to channel Robert De Niro. It’s certainly interesting, and kind of creepy as well, though at 14 years old, Moretz is pretty much the same age Foster was when Scorsese’s seminal film first hit theaters. But don’t worry, as she tells the magazine, “But I haven’t seen ‘Taxi Driver’ yet. My mom won’t let me watch it.”

Among the other pics: Kate Bosworth takes over for Michelle Pfeiffer in a scene from “The Age of Innocence“; Alessandro Nivola (who appeared in “Love Labor’s Lost” pushed by Scorsese stateside) and “Shutter Island” and “Hugo” star Emily Mortimer pair up for “The Aviator“; Michael Pitt, Vincent Piazza and Ben Kingsley recreate “Goodfellas“; Christina Hendricks and Jack Huston dance in “Gangs of New York“; and a pretty much unrecognizable Emily Blunt serves up “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.” Check ’em all out below and see “Hugo” when it hits theaters on November 23rd.

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I don’t know about the Hick article you speak of, but there’s nothing exploitative in this. It’s a tame recreation an almost comes across like a painting. Even the outfit is conservative by today’s standards.


Chloe might have the Jodie look down… but Keanu looks nothing like Travis Bickle.

biggie smalls

The best one is Emily Blunt as Ellen Burstyn.


I call total bullshit on your website.

Um… is this the same website that decried the exploitation of Chloe in the film, HICK, at Toronto?!

That film was f@cking rad and you guys all acted like you were Chloe’s grandma.

Now, not a month later, you show THIS??!

You are truly smoking the glass pipe over there at indiewire.
mark miller


Am i the only one wanting a 5 minute recreation of Taxi Driver with Reeves and Moretz?


Whenever I see Choe M. I think she’s going to have Jodi Foster-esque career. And I still think “Dawson’s Creek” when I see Michael Pitt.


Chloe Moretz is either gonna grow up to be a great actress or a ****ed up adult. Maybe both.



Cute! Cute!


Don’t you mean Michele Pfeifer instead of Winona Ryder?


I’m pretty sure that’s Kate Bosworth in Michelle Pfeiffer’s role, not Winona Ryder’s.

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