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Clint Eastwood To Play An Aging Baseball Scout In ‘Trouble With The Curve’

Clint Eastwood To Play An Aging Baseball Scout In 'Trouble With The Curve'

If a young whippersnapper like Brad Pitt can make a baseball movie, why not Old Man Eastwood?

Dirty Harry doesn’t like to sit at home telling kids to stay off his lawn, and so with “J. Edgar” heading to the finish line and getting ready for its premiere next month at AFI, Clint is already looking at what he’ll do next. Nope, he won’t be directing “A Star Is Born” — production is being pushed back as the film’s lead, pop sensation Beyoncé, is pregnant with Jigga‘s kid. So instead of getting behind the camera, Eastwood is eyeing an increasingly rare turn in front of it, taking a role in the baseball flick “Trouble With the Curve.”

Penned by Randy Brown, the film has a great concept, centering on an aging baseball scout, who is slowly going blind, on a final trip with his daughter to check out a hot prospect. If “Moneyball” was an ode to baseball’s journeyman players, ‘Curve’ seems poised to tell the story of the old fogies around the table that Billy Beane couldn’t jive with. Should he take on the part, Eastwood will be doing a solid for first-time director Robert Lorenz. His partner at Malpaso Productions, Lorenz has also served as second unit or assistant director on many of Eastwood’s films. So it’s a nice “Thank you” for Clint to take the leading role in his first film.

The project is set up over at Warner Bros., and once the contracts are inked for Eastwood and Lorenz, they will begin to hunt for the actress to play the daughter. Jessica Chastain, anybody?

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Dave W

wasn’t he done after Gran Turino? Hopefully this movie is a success like several other movies he has acted in.


This is good news. Gran Torino wasn’t a great movie and I’d hate for that to be his last film. I agree with Mike, if Clint was going to go out on TOP he would have retired after Million Dollar Baby–his best film and best acting performance.


He definitely said back during Gran Torino that it was his last acting role. I guess he changed his mind. I think Clint is allowed.


Not to knock Gran Torino, but if he was to go out on top he would have retired from acting with Million Dollar Baby, such a soulful performance that reached far beyond the movie star turns of his earlier films. I’m happy to see him take on a new role though, I really didn’t think we would get to again.

David Ehrenstein

Clint said “Gran Torino” would “probably’ be his last acting role as there aren’t that many scripts for someone his age and he’s not about to play younger. Thsi one sounds tailor-made for him.


Wow. But I thought he said he was retired from acting after Gran Torino? That was such a great role to go out on (as good as John Wayne in The Shootist). I hope this one is as at least as good or better. Nothing can tarnish his legacy at this point, but best to go out on top, you know?


I remember his comments suggesting it was most likely his last role, but never strictly said he was retiring. Though he also said tongue-in-cheek that that he’d come back if another great Western script came his way.

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