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Discovery Communications To Pump $15 Million into OWN “Relaunch”

Discovery Communications To Pump $15 Million into OWN "Relaunch"

They’re going to keep trying until someone watches the damn thing.

The New York Post has reported that Discovery Channel, which is partnered with Oprah Winfrey with her cable network, is going to spend $15 million to promote the Oprah Winfrey Network to expose it to new potential viewers.

OWN has officially called this extra infusion of cash a “restart” and this is on the top of the $200 million that Discovery has spent already so far to fund the channel.

The money will be used to advertize OWN and its programs on other Discovery Communications channels and on other rival networks as well

Since its debut in January of this year, OWN has struggled to attract viewers and ratings have lagged badly, far behind its precursor Discovery Health.

And in a unprecedented move to boost ratings for OWN, Discovery will the premiere OWN’s two new shows — Rosie O’Donnell’s talk show and Oprah’s “personal education” show Oprah’s Lifeclass on its own channels owned by them.

The shows will air at 7pm and 8 pm, respectively, on October 10 on TLC, Planet Green, Investigation Discovery and Discovery Fit + Health.

Yet, somehow I don’t get the feeling that a new talk show with one of the most annoying persons alive, namely Rosie O’ Donnell, is what going to drive new viewers straight to OWN.

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Watched the Rosie Show with her guest & was turned off by both. Not interested in either of them. When Oprah came on I was totally turned off with her talking about “ego”. It was just that the two people before are the worst people with ego problems. If you can’t accept them, & their problems in life, how can anyone except their own problems. Rosie & Russell both have problems & their talking & voices showed their problems. It would have been better if Oprah approached their problems & egos first before contemplating mine. I do not see this show as a success & wanting monies for programs. Any one can go to a doctor with a degree than listening to people that have problems & don’t recognize theirs. Sorry, but Oprah could have choose a better subject for her first program & better warm-up people.


Lol I would rather shove 18 inch steel needles through my eyeballs than to see that show. Ooooch!

I agree w/ some of you Oprah needs to cater to AA people as well. I know she is a business woman but she needs to stop being whitewash at times and pay attention to her peeps. White ppl cannot be your friends forever.


“You don’t have to be an A-hole about her.”

Yes I do have to be. Who do you think I am? And she had Russell Brand on her show, the second most annoying person after Rosie? I would rather shove 18 inch steel needles through my eyeballs than to see that show

Mike g

Im not a big fan of Rosie, but her first guest was Russell Brand. You don’t have to be an A-hole about her.


I think it would be NICE if Oprah added more shows to appeal to black people. I understand Oprah is a business woman and she wants to reach the mainstream. I just find Oprah to be a bit false, why should black people bother watching OWN when she doesn’t bother catering to the black audience? At least Tyler Perry doesn’t ignore black people and markets his work to blacks.


Rosie’s show today was not interesting & I was turned off by the fakeness. Because of the economy now I can not afford anything extra being a senior on fixed income. It is a bad time for Oprah to waste her monies on her OWN station. This show is a loser in everyway for me & her. SHE & her program is all wrong in timing everyway.


Funny thing she gave up the goods before her network started: Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus, Rachel Ray . . .she knows what her audience wants to watch . . . why she is giving them reality shows is beyond me.


Oprah’s arrogance? How many companies skyrocketed to high success after being presented on her show? How many gurus got there own very popular shows after being regulars on her show? Name any other profit-making black show that lasted as long as hers and still had the ability to pull in tons of ad dollars to the very end. She rightfully deserves some of that ‘arrogance.’ It says a lot that Discovery wants to pump in more money to her enterprise in this economy rather than pull the plug.

Like her or not, Rosie O has a following – not just white chicks but the gay crowd as well.

Should Oprah listen to some of her previous audience member’s suggestions? Wouldn’t hurt at this point. Adding some more blacks shows would be nice too. She really needs to get back in front of the camera – but not this Lifeclass junk. So many things going on and she’s no longer there to dig deeper and profit from it. Who else has the ability (and the nerve) to book both John Edward’s ex-wife AND his mistress, get Whitney to confess to drug use, allow Monique and Tyler to discuss their childhood sexual abuse. Put the real Oprah Show back on woman! Schedule Casey Anthony or Amanda Knox or the Iran hostages or corner Michael Vick again. You know you can get them.

She can still control America but not with the current line-up.


This is great example of Oprah’s arrogance. She refuses to except the fact that she doesn’t control the minds of the people like she once thought she did.

All they have to do is run episodes of Maury from AM to PM, and those ratings will go sky-high. But OWN is above that type of programming, I suppose. Oh, well. There goes another $15M, down the toilet.


what i’m wondering IS: what happened with the ideas presented by
all of the thousands who auditioned???? for OWN. There was/is alot of
undiscovered talent presented as well as ideas.

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