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Donald Glover Is A Ghost From Lynching-Past In Video For “Bonfire”

Donald Glover Is A Ghost From Lynching-Past In Video For "Bonfire"

I’ve never really been much of a Donald Glover fan (his humor specifically); but I’m kinda digging this whole get-up: the music video for the 1st single (titled Bonfire), from his upcoming new album, Camp, which drops on November 15th.

He raps as Childish Gambino by the way:

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I didn't call YOU a pussy.. Until now, because of how offended you just were. You don't think I have any knowledge on what I'm talking about? Do you honestly think I'm proud of what white people did back then? Do you think I would EVER stand up for the most ignorant shit the human race has ever tolerated? No. How old are YOU? If you're black and over the age of 50.. Than ya, I'm a bit sorry if you took offense as I'm sure you were alive during some rough times to be a black american. However, I wasn't being offensive. Also, if you aren't over the age of lets say 30, than you are completely playing a victim in which you took no part in.. and you're being a cry-baby. X^D


Oh, I forgot to mention, as N'JAILA RHEE pointed out, it's clearly a horror movie style video. Nothing offensive, in fact that probably never even crossed Glover's mind while making the video.


Wooow. I feel so sorry for all of you "victims" of torture and lynch mobs. You guys just must to LOVE getting offended over nothing don't you? (I'll be sure to confirm it when I most certainly get a, "What do you mean, "You guys?"" With a bunch of other irrelevant remarks). You're a bunch of pussies and clearly didn't even bother to watch the video before you decided to get you're panties in a bunch. I swear to 'Nobody Knows' the lynching thought never crossed my mind.. and I'm white. I also don't understand how you could not like Glover's music, well, lyrics at least, because it's some of the wittiest shit I've ever heard. He's an extremely talented writer and more clever than you and I, I can almost guarantee it. To each their own on the music thing however, I'm just here to call out the cry-babies.


@ Donnie and Other Song: I can’t say I’m crazy about his rapping but this isn’t a a gimmick for him. If you’ve followed his acting and writing career, this fits right in.

It’s fine to attack his rapping skills but you don’t have any basis for attacking his authenticity.

As far as the lynching goes that’s a tricky subject to inject into any non-serious media and not come out unscathed. At this point I film Donald is better suited to acting and writing on sitcoms.


@Logic: thank you!

other song

“he definitely doesn’t sound like any other black rapper out right now, which is more than I can say for 98% of the rest of hip hop music.”

@Donnie, that’s completely untrue. Dude sounds like a lame mismash of Odd Future (antics of weirdness courtesy of Tyler the Creator) and obnoxious-look-at-me Kanye-type rhymes.

and even if he was ‘different’, the question remains: is he good?

That’s the problem – we’ve seen all shit before and it’s not even good. Not by a longshot. The only reason Gambino has released this ‘irreverent’ video is because he’s trying to jump on the ‘weird black guy’ trend that Odd Future & new artist ASAP Rocky seem to reppin.

I’m just tired of the gimmicks. It’s like if you’re not into the “Raus the Boss, I burn seven million kis and money while swimming in a tub full of naked hoes on a speedboat while the cops are chasing on water skis”, then you’re into the “I’m a corny pop-culture-referencing-in-a-hipster-ironic-way suburban dude” or “my swag is straight up tubesocks and weirdness”

Enough with the gimmicks. It’s about time we made better music. THEN put the gimmick on top if you choose to.

Duncan MaNutz

I like it…


@darkan: What was unclear? I apologize if I said something confusing – I was typing quickly. Regarding the video, I find the lynching imagery in poor taste and somewhat disrespectful to our history. It is never okay to trivialize (and it felt that way to me) something as horrific as our lynching history. Just my two cents.



Do a quick google image search of the word “lynching” and tell me what you see.

Anytime you put a noose around a black man’s neck in America that’s the image you evoke. A person would have to be willfully ignorant not to know that. Whether he was the victim of a lynch mob or Freddie Cruger’s grandmother, it’s still a provocative image. The noose in and of itself is a provocative image in America. Just like the sieg heil sign is in much of the western world.


As far as the video goes… HUH??!!!


I agree with other song. And I like Glover. But this is just garbage.

And the lynching imagery? I mean, does my generation (35 and younger) just trivialize everything? Do we have no respect anymore, for the past, for our history and those sacrificed before us. Not to get all serious. I’m done now. As far as this video, I can only shake my head.

N'jaila Rhee

… Am I the only one that paid attention to the video and not the writers little aside? He’s obviously not being lynched in this video. The video is about a horror movie victim not a lynch victim.




I didn’t get it. Should I be offended? Please, someone, let me know.


Not a fan of Glover, he reeks of try hard. Yes, we get it, you’re the non-threatening black guy who reads graphic novels and listens to Arcade Fire. How very special.

As for his “music”? It’s oven roasted garbage.

@Donnie, you must not follow hip-hop because there are a lot of black rappers out there making innovative and creative music. That’s probably why you haven’t heard of them. They don’t get play on MTV.

@other song, I totally agree. It even looks like Donald was going for a bit of horrorcore when he made this lame video. Although I think the trend is more pseudo-irreverent and blatantly offensive black guy than weird black guy.


I LOVE Donald Glover/Childish Gambino. His roles and stand up and music is so quirky. I think it’s a good thing. It’s kinda corny sometimes, but it nowhere near as put on as say Steve Urkel. I’m glad you gave it a chance and liked it, despite his previous stuff not being your taste. He’s refreshing, having been a trained actor who went on to pursue rap and he’s actually good at it. The wordplay is ridiculous and creative. Thanks again for the post.

Donnie Leapheart

This was dope…I like Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover because he shows that African Americans are not just one monolithic type of people. His music may not appeal to everyone but he definitely doesn’t sound like any other black rapper out right now, which is more than I can say for 98% of the rest of hip hop music.

other song

this guy is unbelievably garbage. But who can blame him? The name of the game when it comes to hip hop nowadays is to be the biggest gimmick you can possibly be.

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