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Eazy E’s Daughter Now Wants a Shot at Playing Her Dad in NWA Biopic

Eazy E's Daughter Now Wants a Shot at Playing Her Dad in NWA Biopic

Last week, the son Eazy E — founding member of influential hip hop group NWA, who died of AIDS when he was 31 — said that he’ll most likely play his father in the upcoming Ice Cube-produced NWA biopic, Straight Outta Compton.

Not to be outdone, E’s daughter (and Super Sweet Sixteen alum) Erin Bria Wright, has now piped in to say that not only should Lil Eazy have to work for the role, but that he should compete with her to get it.

In a statement released to the Huffington Post, Bright explains:

I feel the role of my dad in a biopic should “Not” just be a “given” to my brother Lil Eazy solely on the strength that he is my father’s junior! To be honest my father has four sons total who all resemble him in their own way, just as I have an uncanny resemblance to my father and I am a girl.

I think my brother should have to audition and earn the role by delivering a great read instead of just being handed the role—and I’d like to add that I feel I should have that same opportunity to audition for the role as well, and be given equal consideration based on my acting ability and not just my relation.

I have dreamed of getting this role for many years now, as I have always been inspired by how Hilary Swank played a boy in “Boys Don’t Cry,” which I’ve referenced in a past interview in 2007.

Perhaps in support of her case, Wright dons an Eazy-E getup in the promo for her debut pop/rock single. Have a look below:

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This could be interesting…

…in the vein of Blanchett and others encapsulating the persona of Bob Dylan. To whomever mentioned that initially, thank you because that’s where my thoughts were concerning this feature. Eazy’s kids could filter in and out playing various parts. Erica wouldn’t necessarily have to portray her father while he’s sexing women (i.e. not a literal portrayal)… though that would be a leap and bound beyond a normal depiction. Not to mention odd; but odd is good sometimes. As to whether or not she has the chops to do it…don’t know. As to whether or not someone would risk pouring money into this type nuanced (or blatant, in your face) exploration into the life of Mr. Wright, meh, I don’t know. It’s cool to imagine… Interesting way to treat a ‘biopic’ Though I’m not sure that’s what the style’s really called (taking the kind of approach and treatment the writers/directors did with the Dylan-feature).


This is not a good idea at all. Period. Not to even entertain. Sorry, but for everyone saying “give her a chance” put yourself in the producer’s shoes. If it was YOUR film, your MILLIONS, you wanted to be taken SERIOUSLY & you wanted to adequately secure DISTRIBUTION, and make a great film respecting the legacy of Easy-E & bring old fans back & new fans on-board to his music..would you reeally give credence & weight to his daughter auditioning to play him? Are you going to take that monumental chance…on a rookie with the choice having no breading on the story at all, just because?!

Guess Natalie Cole should play her dad in his biopic huh?

I agree with Erin in this respect, I don’t think his son should get a fair pass just because he has the same chromosomes either. But c’mon, let’s be real and not fanciful about this.

As for Cate folks know that that film was an expressionistic vision of Bob Dylan’s “essence”? What he embodied? It was SO NOT IN THE REALM OF REALITY it’s not even funny. They had a BLACK KID playing Dylan for god’s sake. Hillary Swank, as younglion dutifully noted, was a WOMAN PRETENDING TO BE A MAN in BOY’S DON”T CRY. Glenn Close in an upcoming film, ALBERT NOBBS, is playing…drum roll…a WOMAN pretending to be a man. In Naturalism, it works if the story is about cross-dressing/gender-bending, it doesn’t when it’s not.

But let’s say for sake of argument, that she’s playing Easy…how do we feel seeing her in sex scenes with the many women Easy had…or the sex scene with her future mom (if in the film). All of the misogynist, pimptastic lyrics & antics NWA got into…is everyone comfortable with that? Folks on THE BEST MAN 2 thread just got finished talking about how it’s such an issue to see Black men in a movie knowing they’re married to white women in real life. What do you think will happen when she raps “World’s Biggest Dick”?

And to really tell it, she looks more like Bone Thugs than she does Easy LOL


The entire video she goes on about how she is not what you think, she’s more than her father’s image blah—now she’s campaigning to play him in a movie and dresses up like him here like a Halloween costume. She needs to go get some chops at whatever it is she’s trying to do, and stop pretending she’s not riding her daddy’s coattails cuz that’s all she’s about. And she can stop trying to bite off Hilary Swank too while she’s at it.


Odd style — homeless chic. Casting her is a bad idea. Too weird — her AND casting her


Sorry, but after this chick showed her ignorant behind in that Sweet 16 episode, I don’t care to see her in anything else.

I will add, however, that Cate Blanchett won an award for playing Bob Dylan in “I’m Not There.” But then that film had six different actors portraying different aspects of his personality, persona, and life, rather than being a straightforward biopic.


Sorry, this is a dumb idea. Comparing her to Hilary Swank and “Boys Don’t Cry” doesn’t wash because the entire point of “Boys…” is that it was specifically about a woman who passed as a man. And Swank approached playing the character (based on a real person) from that basis. What Erin Wright wants to do doesn’t compare to Swank and “Boys…” at all.

This NWA film is something the producers (including Ice Cube) have said they want to take seriously and do right in order to get a great movie. That won’t happen if Erin Wright plays her father. For one thing, no one would be able to get into the movie. People will be too distracted by the fact that A WOMAN IS PLAYING EAZY E.

It’s also dumb to think that any of Eazy E’s kids should get a shot at portraying him onscreen just because they resemble him. I’m assuming the producers don’t want impersonators, but real actors who know how to get inside a character and give it life based on dramatic motivations and wants.

I think this is just Eazy E’s entertainer kids trying to get publicity to further their careers. No way the producers or any of the directors they’re considering would ever do any of this. Not if they want to make a serious film.

Maybe Erin Wright should go to Japan, join the Takarazuka theater school, join their theater company after several years of training, and convince them to stage a musical based on NWA. Then maybe she can play her father.


Somebody let her know this is NOT a Shakesperean play…if it were, I’d say go for it!

Dankwa Brooks

I applaud her moxie and while her argument is SOUND, I don’t see her playing Eazy. Having said that, it they get a competent director and he approves, give her a chance. Everyone deserves that.

Also, that promo is HOT! Very nicely done.


She does resemble him, but considering Eazy’s voice, hers might be too deep.

IJ Clinton

Worth a screen test, I guess, but I just don’t think it would work for a man who’s still so well known to potential moviegoers. Maybe she should play her mom instead. lol

jessie's girl

She makes a sound argument.


The next Hilary Swank? *wink*


This could be interesting.

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