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Eddie Murphy Is Writing ‘Jamal And Tyrell And Omar And Brick And Michael’s Wack-Ass Weekend’

Eddie Murphy Is Writing ‘Jamal And Tyrell And Omar And Brick And Michael’s Wack-Ass Weekend'

With Eddie Murphy now threatening a comeback (well, a return to halfway decent material) with this weekend’s “Tower Heist,” he made the most of his interview with Rolling Stone to drop some nuggets of info about what he plans next. “Beverly Hills Cop 4” may be dead, but he wants to bring Axel Foley to the small screen, and in the print edition of the mag transcribed by Moviehole he’s got an all black alien invasion flick he’s writing. But let’s hold up a second.

Back in the early days of “Tower Heist,” before it landed with Brett Ratner, the project was initially being groomed as a vehicle for Murphy, Chris Rock and Chris Tucker. Obviously, it turned out a bit differently, but it seems Murphy is still dreaming of all black comedy ensemble.

Noting that Tracy Morgan and Martin Lawrence were also going to be part of the original incarnation of “Tower Heist,” Murphy tells the magazine, “I have this idea called ‘Jamal and Tyrell and Omar and Brick and Michael’s Wack-Ass Weekend‘ about this group of guys who get abducted by aliens on the way to the fights. I’m writing that now.”

Besides a title that could use a couple of commas, this is interesting, though worrying too. Murphy’s last writing credit was on the universally reviled “Norbit” and his big stab at sci-fi “The Adventures Of Pluto Nash” was a disaster. But hey, if he’s got a “Coming To America” still left in him we’ll give him a shot and we’re crossing our fingers that “Tower Heist” at least brings back — however vague — memories of how great he used to be. But that will be determined by the Ratner Factor which is always a wild card. Murphy also hosts the Oscars in February, and should be there for the whole show, provided something doesn’t piss him off halfway through, forcing him to leave.

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ken mitchell

I always love reading the reviews of people who make their living writing about people who they think are great or not, they are not as good as a player like they used to be or great talent that once made us laugh, smile or believe, the fact of the matter is that given the short life we all have you still have to give credit to all of those who are great at what they do! wether he is the bus drive, garbage man, taxi driver and that talent fades, if someone dies does that mean he or she has failed?

Brad Milne

I will try and heed my own advice next time.

Brad Milne

If you are going to insult someones grammars you might want to invest in a proof reader.

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