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Eddie Murphy Says Another “Beverly Hills Cop” Movie Not Happening But TV Show In The Works

Eddie Murphy Says Another "Beverly Hills Cop" Movie Not Happening But TV Show In The Works

Well, this might be a downer for all you Beverly Hills Cop fans out there but it seems another franchise movie won’t be happening according to Eddie Murphy.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he explained that none of the scripts were any good saying…”None of the movie scripts were right; it was trying to force the premise. If you have to force something, you shouldn’t be doing it. It was always a rehash of the old thing. It was always wrong.”

However, he does go on to say a tv show might be in the works instead. “What I’m trying to do now is produce a TV show starring Axel Foley’s son, and Axel is the chief of police now in Detroit. I’d do the pilot, show up here and there,” he said.

I have to say I definitely agree with Murphy on this. If it doesn’t work you shouldn’t force it. The tv show idea may have to grow on me but if he appears in it, it could win me over. What do you think?

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Miles Ellison

Is Eddie saying that a script written on empty cocaine packets on the way to the pitch meeting after a night making the rounds of the strip clubs is not good?

He should see if they can find anymore scripts in Elmore Leonard’s garbage can. Maybe another Tower Heist is in there.


Of course, theirs the whole premise issue: if Axel Foley and Junior stay in DETROIT, it wouldn’t translate to well to being BEVERLY HILLS COP would it? The whole fan identification, branding and reimaging would be lost.

However, a simple change could be that Foley Jr could have decided to stay in the Hills, and a pissed-off (and maybe retired?) Foley Senior Chief could visit or stay for a longer-than-desired time.

Of course it could play off of Foley’s rep in L.A. threatening to mess up Junior’s work at every turn. Meaning it must be a single-camera show. Preferably on location.

GLOVER as a beat cop. K.HART as a newly-promoted detective. Either brotha could do the job right, amongst others.

Kudos to this. TV is really messing up the diversity mandates each overlapping season.


I’d watch this.

With the load of cash kid’s movies have made this year, I understand Eddie’s previous movie decisions. He probably made more money doing them than whatever grown movie role he was offered.


Well, Eddie is getting older and older, so it was only inevitable that he would have to pass the mantle to somebody else. A TV show about Axel Foley’s son is a neat idea; with the right actor it could be a huge hit.


I caught some of Eddie’s intereview on the BET show, 106 and Park yesterday and he suggested Kevin Hart for the role.


Kevin Hart would be perfect to cast!

Dr. Metzner

I wish Eddie Murphy would just do movies for adults again like he used to and ceases doing children’s films.

Dankwa Brooks

Agree w/ Eddie. BHC3 was WAY forced. I don’t even watch ‘Community’, but from what I saw of him someone like Donald Glover would be good as Axel Jr.

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