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‘Entourage’ Rebooted In New Poster For ‘Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol’

'Entourage' Rebooted In New Poster For 'Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol'

Update: A pretty impressive behind-the-scenes clip has arrived of Tom Cruise swinging around outside the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai a mile up in the air and giving an insurance agent a heart attack in the process. Check it out below.

Bummed that the Hollywood adventures of Vincent and the boys from “Entourage” are over, thanks to the series coming to a close this summer? Well, not to worry as a poster for the reboot is already here…oh wait a minute…that’s not Jeremy Piven

A brand new, and kind of ridiculous, poster for “Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol” has arrived at Yahoo and features the cast walking through a sandstorm on top of a skyscraper. Or something. Anyway, judging from what we see here, Tom Cruise plays an Eminem-esque rapper looking for his big break, with Paula Patton as the head of his security, Jeremy Renner as his secretary and bag man with Simon Pegg in a unique part as a re-imagined Tiny Tim, his right leg seemingly broken at a tragic angle. And in case you’re wondering, “Ghost Protocol” is the song Ethan Hunt writes that helps him break free of the his gritty sand covered hood and into fame and fortune.

Experience the uplifting story when it opens on December 21st or see it earlier at IMAX theaters starting December 16th, along with a preview of Christopher Nolan‘s “The Dark Knight Rises.” Lose yourself below.

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Poster confirms Holloway is a mole/evil rogue agent.


Jesus Christ. Is Simon Pegg doing a half hearted Elvis impression? What’s with his leg? What on earth were they thinking?


I honestly think you could have fit a few more witty 8 Mile puns in the article to really drive the point home.
‘what would the playlist do WITHOUT ME and my clever eminem jokes?’ ‘I dont mean for my jokes to be so clever but thats just THE WAY I AM’ ‘The promotional department for MI4 is just DESPICABLE’ ‘But then again they’re NOT AFRAID to make the movie seem so cool’ ‘Who Knew?’
the clever possibilities are cleverly endless…


That skyscraper in the background is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. That is all.

Edward Davis

Hey right on time, it’s the Paula Patton bot.


If they could get the TDKR prologue shown before every screening they wouldn’t need the limp marketing. Could be fun, if only Cruise didn’t look so desperate for ideas to sell his movies.

Elisha Gale

Paula Patton flaunts her sexy new post-pregnancy curves in this movie which probably added to her performance in delicious and wonderful ways.


well, i’ll see it, if for no other reason than to figure out what BRAD BIRD(!) is doing directing it.

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