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Fantasia Barrino/Mahalia Jackson Film Project All Jacked Up Now

Fantasia Barrino/Mahalia Jackson Film Project All Jacked Up Now

That Mahalia Jackson biopic with Fantasia Barrino to be directed by Sugar Cane Alley director Euzhan Palcy is now pretty iffy if it ever gets made and those behind the scenes are blaming Barrino.

According to the New York Post members of the “legendary gospel singer Mahalia Jackson’s estate were aghast that Barrino has become pregnant by a married man” The producers said that she claimed that she was putting on weight for the role and not telling them about her unexpected pregnancy until she was four months in.

.But the family is now having second thoughts about Barrino playing the role. Executive producer of the film Adrian Taylor told the Post that “the family thinks if Fantasia plays the role, it’s going to sully the name of Mahalia. They think she’s got the wrong image, having a child out of wedlock.”

But that’s not all. Barrino’s pregnancy has caused havoc with the shooting schedule. Shooting has now been delayed until after her due date in late December and as a result Palcy may be forced to drop out of the production due to scheduling conflicts.

The producers are still aiming for a fall 2012 release and Barrino has been asked to start filming sometime in January if possible. However the Post is also reporting that the producers are currently looking for a replacement for Barrino if she fails to meet tthe shooting start date and one possible replacement is rumored to be Missy Elliott.

Barrino’s rep had no comment when asked about this report.

Stay tuned…

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Amber Riley is also a star. She is a hit television show. But with this movie, it will take her to A-list movie star status especially if she do a good enough job, she could win the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role and that would make her the second black actress to win that award behind Halle Berry.


Amber Riley from Glee would be perfect for this role. I love Fantasia but I would rather see Amber play this part. Amber can sing and she have the acting chops to do Miss Mahalia Jackson justice. She is already a full figured girl so she won't have to gain that much weight. Plus I think it's time for Amber to step away from Glee and show the world that she can be a serious actress and this role would be just what she needs to that. If Amber Riley play Mahalia Jackson, she can have her Jennifer Hudson's Dream Girls Oscar moment. I can see Amber taking the movie to #1 in the box office.

Amber Riley should be their second choice if Fantasia can't do it.

savetta wright

I think they should stick with tasia cause im sure she will bring that film too its #1 box office.So,wat ever happen its not for us too judge it is wat it is the grl been through enough everyone has made a million mistakes in there lives so be it.I think this role is for her in it will put her at her grammy mark where she needs too be.Just too say if she would had not come through the day she took them pills wat would everyone would of been sayn then???????#teamtasia;)



Shelena S.


Queen Latifah would be perfect for that role!!!
Somebody NEED to get in touch with her ASAP


Let me see… I’m looking around the room to see who said the following

“Screw up all you want, as long as you invoke Jesus afterwards all is forgiven. Grow up black people. Don’t need God to practice common sense …. or do you?”

Now I see JMac and… ah, no one else. Let me take another look around to see if anyone said anything about not judging another person. Judging how? We make judgment calls every day! And every hour of the day! And rightfully so, or a person would never make a move.

**looking through all the comments**

Nope, not there. Now we’re back to how common sense has anything to do with Fantasia’s ability to play the role of Mahalia Jackson. Soooo, lets go back through the comments and discuss grown folks and messy folks who are all up in other peoples business, and common sense.

zoe treyviz

we all make mistakes nobody in this world is perfect..fantasia should do th movie and the jackson family shouldnt judge her for being pregnat by a married man….fanastia is the only one fit for this movie


“Now remind me which scripture says it’s ok to get knocked up by a married man?”

It’s not about being “ok”.

I am left to wonder if ignorance and fear and being too dang smart, is a road to constant suffering?

Well I tend to believe there’s an “if ” faith. And there is a “though” faith. And the two have little or nothing to do with heaven or hell. The permanent faith – th”e lasting – the powerful faith is the though faith. Now, the “if faith says that if all goes well – if life – is hopeful, prosperous and happy – if – I – don’t have to go to jail, if I don’t have face the agonies and burdens of life – if I’m – not ever called bad names because of taking a stand that I feel that I must take, if none of these things happen – then – I’ll have faith in God. Then I’ll be all right. That’s the if faith!

And the “though” faith says that – though – things go wrong, though evil is temporarily triumphed, though sickness comes and the cross looms – nevertheless – I’m gonna believe anyway, and I’m gonna have faith anyway. Though the waters they off-roar and be troubled – though – the mountains shake, I will hold on.

Religion should not be a bargaining matter. Religion is not a bargaining experience. It’s not a commercial relationship. No great experience exists in a bargaining atmosphere. Think of friendship, think of love, and think of marriage. These things are not based on “if,” they’re based on though. And these great experience are not based on a bargaining relationship – not an “if “faith, but a though faith.

Somewhere along the way I think it’s important to discover something that’s so dear, so precious to you, and so eternally worthful, that you will never give it up. You ought to discover some principles. We oughta have some great faith that grips us so much, that you will never give it up. Somehow you’ll – walk on – and say, I know that the God that I worship is able to deliver me – but if not – I’m going on anyhow. In the final analysis if you do right to avoid pain and to achieve happiness and pleasure, then you may not be doing right. Ultimately you must do right because it’s right to do right. Well, at least that’s my opinion.


Sure. Nobody should judge… even if they knowingly date a married individual, or get knocked up by a married guy, or wine and dine 14 year old boys for sex. Only GAWD knows what’s in their hearts.

I love it when religion becomes convenient. Screw up all you want, as long as you invoke Jesus afterwards all is forgiven. Grow up black people. Don’t need God to practice common sense …. or do you?




Now remind me which scripture says it’s ok to get knocked up by a married man?


Yeah um……Ok. See this is when Oprah and Beyonce need to open a charm school for these crazy chicks as in (fantasia, jhud, and alicia and a whole cast of bbw and TRHW). The number one lesson should be things that are not cute. In this lesson you would learn things like dont date or have a baby by a man who is married (get your fact), or a man who was on a reality show chasing down someone who slob down flavor flave (i mean what type of disease!!), protect your bank dont be so deperate to cuff these fools, and being a mommy doesnt have time limit take your time remember as a women who has accoplished so much you need a man who can (willing) at least fit a 3rd of the bills. O and a man with multiple baby mama yeah just tell bra to keep on trucking beacuse the process of elimnation dont mean impregnate and check it out…bra got a case of the sloppies. O and if the reason your famous is beacuse you run your mouth to stir drama then that means you have NO TALENT AND YOUR FAME O METER IS RUNNING OT. Or mabe your famous for shacking up with that basketball player or mabe that one, or that one…heck you might have even pop out some babes by dude…that just means….absolutely nothing…..because chances are your not his first or his last.


STUPSE Fantasia to blessed to be stressed….. Whether she does good r bad ppl still gonna talk that’s the way the world works… they did it to Jesus so they will do it to the stars and to anyone else… GIrl live ya life enjoy it to the max… forget the haters…. if they take the movie away GOD will bless you with 2 more…. BELIEVE, TRUST and ALWAYS have FAITH in GOD…


Orville, with that kind of thinking we will continue the drought of new black talent. White actors from nowhere are given top roles in major blockbusters without having to prove themselves. This practice continues even in our current lean times. They are given a CHANCE to prove themselves. Even our established talents are disrespected, tossed aside, ignored, not taken seriously and neglected.

It’s fair to say that the dollars that will be allotted to this biopic will be on the conservative side (or to be blunt – criminally insufficient). When it comes to grooming/cultivating black talent, the indicator on Hollywood’s risk-o-meter suddenly gets stuck at ZERO.

Do not be surprised if you see Nonnie of ‘Sittin on a Toilet’ fame in consideration to play Michelle Obama… After all she does have over 30 million Youtube views. She’s FAMOUS, no?


Or what say you about Glozell of “My Push up Bra Will Help Me Get My Man” fame? Over 18 million views!!!!

Both of these “hot talents” must be fielding offers as we speak!


Sandra would an unknown black actress attract media attention in the black press? Would black people care? Hollywood is profit driven business so yes Fantasia isn’t the best actress out there but she is a star. I doubt an unknown black actress can make this movie a hit.

Miles Ellison

Who did the Jackson Estate think they were getting when Fantasia signed on to do this movie?

Barrino can’t act, but she’s popular. The film will probably be bad, but there is an audience that will probably see it. A more accomplished actress would make the film better, but it wouldn’t be as popular. The choice here is between making a marginally popular bad movie with a bad actress or a better movie with a good actress that no one will watch.


Regardless of whether Fantasia is “virtuous” enough for this role, is not the issue for me. What gets my blood boiling is the overall casting practice for EVERY role that is written specifically for black females.

What ever happened to casting calls (at least putting in the minimum effort to find the right person with the required artistic and technical skills)? Instead, we get the usual suspects: Halle (I swear that woman will be 85 and in a wheelchair and will still be considered for roles requiring young black females), Queen Latifah, some American Idol contestant/reject or some video vixen. OK, if this production is some Lifetime movie-of-the-week, but if it’s going to be in theatres with a high-caliber director (as I consider Euzhan Palcy to be) than the lack of casting efforts is especially tough to accept.


Disregarding whether or not Fantasia is a good actress…

Is it fair to penalize her for having a child with a married man? She is just an actress – can she really “sully” Mahalia Jackson’s name by playing her?

Was Mahalia Jackson really so saintly? Just askin….

Can any of the other actresses being considered for this role pass this “moral” test? Is it fair to ask Fantasia or anyone else if they can?


As usual Cherish, your questions were very valid and very poignant! It’s like who’s playing whom, and why exactly can’t the do that?!

On the reverse, should only an “evil” person or actors who have sex with someone other than their spouse, be allowed to play villains and the other babies daddy?

I mean, who is that standing at the door checking birth certificates, rap sheets, marriage licenses and moral codes of conduct?


I’m here for Amber Riley ( Mercedes from Glee). She has the vocal chops and an audience. I hope to God she’s already auditioning for the role.
I actually think casting Fantasia in this is a HORRIBLE idea.


OMG! Yes, Queen Latifah as Pearl Bailey! The resemblance is striking. First time I’ve viewed each woman’s pictures next to each other.

I don’t know about the estate wanting to favor profits over a more favorable depiction of Mahalia. I would think the latter would be priority number one. With all the BS Fantasia’s been dishing out, few fans would support her after this piece of news. You can only fall down so many times.

Octavia Spencer…. hell naw!


The reason the family might not want Queen Latfiah is because she is 41 years old. The Jackson family probably wants a younger woman for the role. Queen Latifiah is a good actress BUT she is not young enough to be a young Mahalia Jackson and maybe the script was written mostly about her young life?


Missy Elliott is not an actress she would be a terrible choice. I can understand Jackson’s family NOT wanting Fantasia but they need to think about the bottom line. Fantasia has an audience and I believe the controversy can only help the film. I doubt an unknown actress would help the movie become a success. The family of Mahalia Jackson needs to think about the film turning a profit an unknown actor will not achieve this.


If Ms. Jackson’s estate has got eyes and ears to the zeitgeist, they’ll drop these pop stars and go for OCTAVIA SPENCER. This sistah is fyah now, and would do this part in her sleep. I’m sure she got some chops, or they’ll find the voice to lip-sync them in. Nothing new.


Don’t you guys think Queen Latifah would be a great Pearl Bailey? Even more so than Mahalia?


fantasia is the best to play this role if you ask me


@ JMAC, yeah Latifah would be better fit playing Bessie Smith or Pearl Bailey.


I was going to say “and the world breathes a sigh of relief” then I got to the Missy Elliot part. She’d need to gain the weight back and have intensive acting lessons like Mary J.

Or else get a real actress who’s more suitable for the part – too much like doing something right.

I love Queen Latifah but I’d rather see her play Bessie Smith in a biopic.


If they are seriously considering Missy Elliott then they are simply going after a certain demographic, and don’t give a damn about Mahalia Jackson.

And re: Fantasia being pregnant by a MARRIED MAN–I love Fan but she does some of the most gully ish. Besides she really is not right for the role anyway, imo and neither is Latifah. Being plus size, Black American and able to carry a note does not qualify to portray this particular legend. And I’m not even a major gospel fan.


Missy Elliott actually has a nice singing voice. She’s not who’d you would think of to play Mahalia Jackson but she may be able to do it. Also Queen Latifah is great!


Missy Elliot!!!?!!! Going from bad to worst. @ Jaqueline, agreed. I’ve been saying that from the start. Queen Latifah favors Mahalia in the looks dept and can at least act. She has always been the one and only best choice if they are looking for a name but if anything just go ahead and find a great up and coming fresh face and market the hell out of the film through the church, they’ll make their money back! Producers don’t know a damn thing about marketing anymore. Man they are so gonna drop the ball on this and not do justice to Mahalia. SMDH.

Jacqueline A. G.

If not Elliott, how about aking Queen Latifah to play the role? She has a nice singing voice.

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